Jun 6, 2018

At Wits' End

So I gave up. I gave up to every sanity I have to ignore him. I can't deny the fact that I felt contentedly overjoyed when I started talking and smiling to him. That emotional outburst you can't easily contain every time you see him lurking around with his eyes spying on you. His hesitation, when you know how he attempts to get near you.

Or maybe I am just overly thinking or most likely hallucinating. I can be wrong. I can be right, but I don't give a damn care anymore as long as he makes me happy.

Jun 3, 2018


It is day I'm-Not-Sure where I decided to lie low from seeing, meeting or talking to him. And like my day, I don't know if I am doing a good job on it because it does feel terrible inside. I noticed that he has been cold with me after noticing what I have been doing, and honestly I feel miserable. Few times I am guilty I have been spying on him at work, and few times I've caught him doing so as well. I probably 'em caught in this overthinking, and I blame myself always that my delusion has gone escalated. I hope one day, I have this courage to tell him how I feel. 

Probably one day, I hope.