May 31, 2010

Starstrukk - 3oh!3 feat. Katy Perry

I find this version with Katy Perry than the original one that they made with Keisha. It feels more alive and sounded more like a pop music than a cheerleader music.

3oh!3 & katy perry - starstrukk.mp3
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feat. katy perry version

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Original Version (w. keisha)

*3oh!3 feat. Katy Perry*
3OH!3 :
Nice legs, Daisy dukes, makes a man go [whistle]
Thats the way they all come through like [whistle whistle]
Low-cut, see-through shirts that make you [whistles]
Thats the way she come through like [whistles]

Chorus :
Katy Perry :
Cause I
Just set them up,
Just set them up,
Just set them up,
To knock them down

3OH!3 :
Cause I
Just set them up,
Just set them up,
Just set them up,
To knock them down (down)

I think I should know, how, to make love to something innocent without leaving my fingerprints out, now
L-O-V-E's just another word I never learned to pronounce
How, do I say I'm sorry cause the word is never gonna come out, now
L-O-V-E's just another word I never learned to pronounce.

3OH!3 :
Tight jeans, Double D's makin' me go [whistles]
All the people on the street know [whistles whistles]
Iced-out, lit-up make the kids go [whistles]
All the people on the street know [whistle whistle]

Chorus :
Katy Perry :
Cause I
Just set them up,
Just set them up,
Just set them up,
To knock them down

3OH!3 :
Cause I
Just set them up,
Just set them up,
Just set them up,
To knock them down (down)

I think I should know, how, to make love to something innocent without leaving my fingerprints out, now
L-O-V-E's just another word I never learned to pronounce
How, do I say I'm sorry cause the word is never gonna come out, now
L-O-V-E's just another word I never learned to pronounce.

Katy Perry :
You know that type of shit just don`t work on me [whistles]
I`m really sorry I don`t know what she`s saying here
Something with me?
Don`t take it personally [whistles]
Cause we were never in love [whistles whistles]

It dosen`t really matter, who you say you are [whistles]
Sing it out the windows, of your car [whistles]
Find another girl across the bar [whistles]
Cause L-O-V-E`s not what this was [whistles whistles]

I think I should know, how, to make love to something innocent without leaving my fingerprints out, now
L-O-V-E's just another word I never learned to pronounce
How, do I say I'm sorry cause the word ïs never gonna come out, now
L-O-V-E's just another word I never learned to pronounce.

Nobody Wants to be Lonely - Ricky Martin feat. Christina Aguilera

Just listened to this song on my phone and it brought me back a lot of memories.

Ricky Martin - Nobody Wants To Be Lonely .mp3
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Nobody Wants to be Lonely
*Ricky Martine feat. Christina Aguilera*

Ricky: Why, why, why

Christina: Oh ooh ohh

Ricky: There you are, in a darkened room
And you're all alone, looking out the window
Your heart is cold and lost the will to love
Like a broken arrow
Here I stand in the shadows

Christina: In the shadows

Ricky: Come to me, come to me

Both: Can't you see that
Nobody wants to be lonely
Nobody wants to cry
My body's longing to hold you
So bad it hurts inside
Time is precious and it's slipping away
And I've been waiting for you all of my life (ohh)
Nobody wants to be lonely
So why (why), why don't you let me love you
Why (ooh ohh yeah), why (oh why), why

Christina: Ooh ooh, yeah
Can you hear my voice, do you hear my song
It's a seranade, so your heart can find me, ohh
And suddenly you're flying down the stairs
Into my arms, baby, ohh

Ricky: Before I start going crazy

Christina: Going crazy, ohh

Ricky: Run to me

Christina: Run to me

Both: Cause I'm dying...
Nobody wants to be lonely
Nobody wants to cry (don't wanna cry)
My body's longing to hold you (I'm longing to hold you)
So bad it hurts inside
Time is precious and it's slipping away
And I've been waiting for you all of my life (ohh)
Nobody wants to be lonely
So why…

Christina: Why, why don't you let me love you

Ricky: I wanna feel you near me

Christina: Feel you near me

Ricky: Just like the air you (breathe)

Christina: Breathe (air) I need you here in my life

Both: Don't walk away, don't walk away
Don't walk away, don't walk away
No, no, no, no...
Nobody wants to be lonely
Nobody wants to cry...yeah yeah
Nobody wants to be lonely (yeah ohh ooh)
Nobody wants to cry (nobody wants to cry)
My body's longing to hold you (is longing to hold you)
So bad it hurts inside (hurts inside)
Time is precious and it's slipping away
And I've been waiting for you all of my life
Nobody wants to be lonely
So why (why), why don't you let me love you
Let me love you...
Nobody wants to be lonely
Nobody wants to cry (nobody wants to cry...)
My body's longing to hold you (I'm longing to hold you)
So bad it hurts inside (so hurt inside) (Until Fade…)

May 30, 2010

Club Penguin Membership

If you’re up for challenges to earn prizes such as game cheats, membership fees and more, well you might want to try club penguin membership. This is an online competition which people are motivated for different prizes which they can win. Now how to sign up, very easy. Just go to their site, and follow this 3 easy process:

  1. Register: The sign up process takes about 10 seconds, and your going to get 5 FREE BONUS POINTS when you register.

  2. Earn points: To be able to offer their users FREE Membership, Unlimited cheats packages or free gift vouchers to Enjoy playing Club Penguin you need to earn points. Earning these points are FREE, and you just need to complete a few surveys to get enough points to claim a free Membership, Gifts or Code/Cheats Packages. You can also earn points by signing up to some trial offers, but we recommend you stick to the free surveys for now.

  3. Get a Free Membership/Cheats: Once you have earned 50 points on Free Club Penguin you can swap them for REAL FREE Membership or Cheats Package, which you can use ALONE to enjoy your time.
What are points worth? 

  • 10 points = #1 Cheats Package

  • 50 points = Unlimited Cheats/CODE Packages

  • 100 points = FREE 1 year Membership

  • 200 points = Unlimited Cheats/CODE Packages & FREE 1 year Membership

Medical Alert System

medical alert system

Tax Refund

Tax Refund

May 26, 2010

HON coming to GARENA

This is a good news for HON players in ASEAN... I am so looking forward for this one. I got this one from GARENA Blog site.

Heroes of Newerth Coming to Garena for Chosen Asian Countries, Completely Free-2-Play

We are very pleased to announce an official partnership with S2 Games to publish Heroes of Newerth in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines!
Heroes of Newerth is a multiplayer strategy game where two teams of up to five players each take a role of a special Hero. Each Hero has their own unique set of skills to complement other allied heroes along with AI-controlled armies with the objective to destroy the opponent team’s base. Game progression entails leveling up of heroes and gaining gold bounty to be able to equip the Heroes with items to make them more powerful.
Some of the unique features of Heroes of Newerth include the following:
  • Dozens of playable Hero characters, over 100 items as well as regular content updates
  • Client/Server Architecture eliminates lag, cheats and map hacking
  • Leaver protection system prevents “leavers” from joining your games
  • Quick reconnect feature allows you to jump right back into the game should you get disconnected
  • In-game VOIP for fast and easy communication with teammates
  • Game archives and replay support for all games played on official servers (players can rewind, slow down, fast forward, and otherwise pinpoint the exact part of a match that they wish to view)
  • Built upon the proprietary K2 engine to deliver enhanced graphics while maintaining low system specs
  • We are happy to reveal that Heroes of Newerth under Garena will be completely free-to-play which means that gamers from Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines do not need to purchase paid accounts to enjoy the game.
We will be going Beta Testing Phase by the end of May. Garena Gold Members will be offered a chance to redeem a Beta Key immediately, while other beta keys will be given away through other community efforts.
We will have more updates regarding Heroes of Newerth for you very soon, so stay turned to the Garena Blog ( and don’t forget to visit our official Heroes of Newerth website at
What is Heroes of Newerth?
Heroes of Newerth is a multiplayer strategic battle area game made by S2 Games based on Defense of the Ancients, commonly known as DotA.
Who can play on the Garena Heroes of Newerth servers?
Only gamers based in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines can play on Garena HoN Servers. Other countries in Asia such as Indonesia, Thailand or Taiwan will not be able to access Garena servers.
When can I start playing HoN on Garena?
We are tentatively targeting to launch the Garena HoN Beta Testing Phase by the end of May.
I used to play on the HoN US Server during beta, can I still retain my account and stats?
Garena is setting up new dedicated servers to offer our gamers an even better gaming experience, so you will need to sign up for a brand new account to enjoy the service. Unfortunately, due to this, we are unable to port over your accounts from HoN US servers.
Do I have to pay or buy anything to play HoN on Garena?
No, nothing at all! As mentioned above, HoN on Garena will be completely free to play. You would not need to purchase a paid account to play the game.
Is there any difference in gameplay, heroes or items between HoN Garena and the US Server?
No, everything about the game is the same. All heroes and items will be completely available for Garena users.
I am a Garena Gold Member, what benefits do I get in HoN?
Garena Gold Members will be offered a chance to redeem a Beta Key during the Beta Testing Phase for Heroes of Newerth. Gold Members also enjoy a special Gold Shield status in game.
I am a gamer in one of the four countries under Garena for HoN and I have already pre-purchased HoN from S2 Games, what should I do now?
We are presently working with S2 Games on the transition plan for gamers who have pre-purchased HoN from S2. Please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with your HoN account name if you have pre-purchased a paid account and we will email you with further details

The Bathroom Vanity

There are a lot of different settings that everyone has to keep in mind and to consider when they are redecorating their bathroom. The color coordination, the totality ambience and the feeling of how the design affects your mood are just some things that we might experience and that’s usually normal. Whatever designs you would like to have on your bathroom, the things that breaks to all consideration to whatever theme or design that you have in your bathroom is the bathroom vanity that you have.

You might want to pause and think, aside from the toilet that they usually see inside the bathroom (which is the basic element of a bathroom), people would like to stop by and check themselves. Well that is a normal psychology since everybody doesn’t want to look that the world has fallen unto them after going to the bathroom and having a mirror in your bathroom will be a center piece of attraction for one person. This is actually evident since almost everywhere you go, public toilets, mall toilets or hotels have mirror on their bathroom even if it doesn’t looked that good.

Therefore, there is only one expensive centerpiece to your bathroom décor that you actually need to think about for more than a minute, the bath vanity. This is going to require thought and consideration if you want your final product to be sleek and shiny. You can make the rest of your decorations out of this world, but if the visual focus does not sell your guests, then you have missed the mark.

Free Wordpress Themes

There are a lot of blogging websites right now popping from wherever. But the most common blogs that are used is either wordpress or blogger. Usually the reason behind this is just because its very convenient and user friendly for customer to be able to navigate and tweak on them. For an amateur, changing templates based on preferences does matter. Whether it is, blogger or wordpress templates, majority would prefer for it for free. Why would you purchase one when you’re not sure of what to purchase and besides there are a lot of them free out there. I think it would be wise as well to do especially if you are not yet really sure of what to do then.

May 23, 2010

What is an SEO?

Want to get a broad understanding of SEO, here’s one I got from Wikipedia:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site or a web page (such as a blog) from search engines via "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results as opposed to other forms of search engine marketing (SEM) which may deal with paid inclusion. The theory is that the earlier (or higher) a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search and industry-specific vertical search engines. This gives a web site web presence.

As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work and what people search for. Optimizing a website primarily involves editing its content and HTML and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines.

The acronym "SEO" can refer to "search engine optimizers," a term adopted by an industry of consultants who carry out optimization projects on behalf of clients, and by employees who perform SEO services in-house. Search engine optimizers may offer SEO as a stand-alone service or as a part of a broader marketing campaign. Because effective SEO may require changes to the HTML source code of a site, SEO tactics may be incorporated into web site development and design. The term "search engine friendly" may be used to describe web site designs, menus, content management systems, images, videos, shopping carts, and other elements that have been optimized for the purpose of search engine exposure.

Another class of techniques, known as black hat SEO or spamdexing, uses methods such as link farms, keyword stuffing and article spinning that degrade both the relevance of search results and the user-experience of search engines. Search engines look for sites that employ these techniques in order to remove them from their indices.
So if your thinking for any SEO company that you would like to venture, I think its time to look for one.


Invisalign is a famous brand for clear removable teeth aligners which both orthodontists and dentist use rather than the traditional metal dental braces. Base on statistics of April 2008, there were more than 730,000 people who have completed or currently in treatment. Invisalign dentist in Austin and other locations around the states are pretty aware of the advantages for this product which I am going to cover for this article.
Invisalign products have been known for the advantages that this product gives: 
  • the aligners are completely transparent which makes it more difficult to detect compared to old fashion braces.
  • Invisaligh aligners are more comfortable than braces. Because of this, you can eat food without feeling bothered or awkward compared to when your eating with metallic braces.
  • this aligners give less force per week and less pain than do fixed appliances.
  • this aligners should be removed when eating, drinking, cleaning the teeth or to have them checked by the clinician. Because of this you are not limited to the food that you wanted to eat.
  • Invisalign treatments were claimed to be quicker than traditional orthodontics which was based on the study done in Indiana.
  • faster and effective results

The Filipino Channel

If you are a Filipino missing and your already missing your favorite shows here in the Philippines, no need to worry anymore. Where ever you are around the world, you will be able to watch Filipino shows by subscribing to tfcnow to any cable connections that you have in the area. This channel subscription exclusively air only pinoy channel. By doing this, it will make you feel like here in the Philippines even if your not physically here.

May 19, 2010

I never told you - Colbie Caillat

This goes for the people I dear most where I live. I am having a hard time here from where I am working right now and I really missed you guys. I am still hoping that someday I can already stay back there. If not because I was too ambitious, I wouldn’t be here in the first place to work. I know I was never been vocal to for missing you guys, but hopefully this song will do. I really miss you guys.

colbie caillat - i never told you.mp3
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I never Told you
*Colbie Caillat*

I miss those blue eyes
How you kiss me at night
I miss the way we sleep

Like there's no sunrise
Like the taste of your smile
I miss the way we breathe

But I never told you
What I should have said
No, I never told you
I just held it in

And now,
I miss everything about you
Can't believe that I still want you
And after all the things we've been through
I miss everything about you
Without you

I see your blue eyes
Everytime I close mine
You make it hard to see
Where I belong to
When I'm not around you
It's like I'm alone with me

But I never told you
What I should have said
No, I never told you
I just held it in

And now,
I miss everything about you
Can't believe that I still want you
And after all the things we've been through
I miss everything about you
Without you

But I never told you
What I should have said
No, I never told you
I just held it in

And now,
I miss everything about you
Can't believe that I still want you
And after all the things we've been through
I miss everything about you
Without you

Life After You - Chris Draughty

i feel so sentimental with this song. it reminds me of him. just him.

Daughtry - Life After You .mp3
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Life After You
*Chris Draughty*

Ten miles from town and I just broke down
Spittin' out smoke on the side of the road
I'm out here alone just tryin' to get home
To tell you I was wrong but you already know

Believe me I won't stop at nothin'
To see you so I've started runnin'

All that I'm after is a life full of laughter
As long as I'm laughin' with you
I'm thinkin' that all that still matters is love ever after
After the life we've been through
'Cause I know there's no life after you

Last time we talked, the night that I walked
Burns like an iron in the back of my mind
I must've been high to say you and I
Weren't meant to be and just wastin' my time

Oh, why did I ever doubt you?
You know I would die here without you

All that I'm after is a life full of laughter
As long as I'm laughin' with you
I'm thinkin' that all that still matters is love ever after
After the life we've been through
'Cause I know there's no life after you

You and I, right or wrong, there's no other one
After this time I spent alone
It's hard to believe that a man with sight could be so blind
Thinkin' 'bout the better times, must've been outta my mind
So I'm runnin' back to tell you

All that I'm after is a life full of laughter
Without you God knows what I'd do, yeah

All that I'm after is a life full of laughter
As long as I'm laughin' with you
I'm thinkin' 'bout all that still matters is love ever after
After the life we've been through, yeah
Know there's no life after you

Know there's no life after you

May 18, 2010

2 Sides of Love Story

His side

-"tell her how you feel" is what my friends said
-so i picked up the phone
-called your house
-you answerd
-i said "i love you"
-and hung up right after
-the next day
-i told you it was a bet from a friend
-it was partly true
-but you didnt answer
-no sassy come back wich you allways do
-just stood there
-the walked away

My side

-he called my house
-i picked up
-he told me he loved me
-then hung up
-the next day
-i was going to tell you i loved you back
-but you said it was a bet
-i had everything planned out
-every move i planned
-every word
-but when you said that...
-i had nothing to say
-i stood and watched you
-as you broke my heart

.. sad isnt it?

May 15, 2010

Mole Removal Part 2

In my early article, I discussed about some Natural treatment for my mole versus Mole Removal Surgery. This time here are some other treatments if you think that natural help from the environment is not working.

Medications are one form of resolution to every sickness or everything that people think is not right. For the skin Moles, this one is also effective. But you have to consider that some of the treatments are not effective which they usually claim and also some side affects that you wont like. In either case, some are quite expensive and even not worth it. Well, I don’t want to mention any name for mole medications because I haven’t tried any though. But the best thing I think would be to ask your skin doctor because they have to check if these drugs are actually safe for you to take.

For herbal treatment that are sold in different drug stores that actually claims to help remove these moles. One of this is called Derma Trend and Bio-T. These two drugs actually uses mineral salts to remove males. This is usually applied to the mole for a specific number of days and Walla. It should be gone from then. But you should be cautious if you’re going to use these herbal treatments. Remember that this herbal treatments that has not or approved by skin doctors which might have some chemicals that is not good for a certain individual. Also be careful with the one that are offered or recommended by drug stores, those are might not effective unless they have tried it.

If you’re not the type who likes medicines or herbal treatments, you can also go to a more advance technique which is surgery. Moles can actually be removed by a surgeon as long as its not cancerous. This is actually considered as cosmetic surgery. This surgery has also different packages which does not cover insurances so you would need to pay this at your own expense. Well if you have a lot of money, this might be an option since Mole Removal Cost will be a bit expensive.

Mole Removal

Moles can be unattractive. Certainly true. Especially if its appearing visibly on your face or neck and people are staring at them when they’re talking to you. Its kind of annoying at often times. Usually the psychological effect of this would be too much self-consciousness which has a disturbing effect. And what other people do is just let it be because there is no cure for this, but that’s actually wrong. If your looking for natural way of dealing with skin moles, you have a lot of option to choose from.

If you are a person who love things get resolved naturally, you can actually use Sour Apple. All you need to is get the juices of that fruit and apply them to the mole for three times every day for around three weeks. But, never stop the treatment if you don’t think that it’s not working. If you will be using this effect, it will put the mole dimmer and then slowly smaller.

Another natural technique to the remove the mole is by using a paste made out of baking soda and caster oil. Just mix these two ingredients and dab it on the mole just right before you go to sleep and wash it off when you wake up. If you keep doing this, eventually it will little the size of the mole eventually.

Also you can try using onion juice to your skin mole. Do this once everyday for two to three weeks. A little patient might be needed but this natural remedy does work effectively. Other spices that work for mole is garlic which will make you smelly because you will be needing to have a dab of this on your mole for several times a day and continuously for three to four days.

Dandelions in the yard have also their magic. Cut off their roots first then take the dandelion roots and rub it on the mole until juice of the roots leak out complete over the mole. Do this once a day or as much as you like for two to three weeks.

These are some natural things that we can do to remove mole in our skins that does not need any medicines. But if you think that none of those are working, never forget that a Mole Removal Surgery is 100% effective.


USAEyes is the Council for Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance, a nonprofit Lasik patient advocacy organization. For over a decade USAEyes has helped patients learn important issues about Lasik and similar vision correction surgery.

  • The USAEyes website complies with the Health On The Net code standard for trustworthy health information.
  • USAEyes has been cited in Newsweek, US News & World Report, CBS News, National Public Radio, NBC Nightly News, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fox News, Associated Press, MSNBC, and Oprah!
  • The USAEyes CORE Patient Survey reports real-world Lasik results as reported by Lasik patients. 
  • Patients use the USAEyes Ask a Lasik Expert forum to post questions and receive researched answers to their questions both before surgery and after.
  • The USAEyes 50 Tough Questions for Your Lasik Doctor can help anyone avoid a bad Lasik doctor.
  • Maybe Lasik is not right for you. At USAEyes, all the vision correction surgery alternatives like PRK, LASEK, Epi-Lasik, RLE, and PIOL are discussed in detail.
  • USAEyes evaluates the Lasik results of individual doctors and certifies if they meet their exacting standards.
  • A US Congressional subcommittee cited USAEyes as a reliable source of Lasik information.
  • Representatives of USAEyes have testified before the FDA about Lasik patient advocacy.

May 14, 2010

When Dakota Fanning Gets Angry

I am very much excited with the new movie for Twilight Saga because it entails scene of battles which I am expecting for the new movie. But nevertheless, Dakota Fanning is one hell of a vampire here. She is way too good and cool. This is a clip that I got from Movie talk in Yahoo. Just click the link to see the details. Anyways, here is a video clip of the movie showing Dakota Fanning getting angry to one of the vampire. Something tells me she's not good to mess with.

May 12, 2010

Call Center Spiels

I decided to create some empathy compilation of power words. I realized that there is a lesser spiels or stuffs that BPO people can read within the web. So I would want to add this on those list and hopefully would help.

Everyday in our life of being a Technical Support, we usually deal with a lot of frustrated customer. Most often times we are told that we just have to empathize to the customer and everything will be better but most often times its not working.

At the back of your mind you might be asking, “why do we need to empathize when it’s not our fault?” Remember that when empathize to our customer concern, we’re not actually accepting the problem that they have as our fault but instead, we are able to understand they’re feeling as a consumer and the inconvenience that they had experienced.

That is why primarily we should not be upset, but instead listen and feel their inconvenience which made them call us asking for help which we are an expert.

Feel, Felt, Found

This is a process that was used by different people providing quality service which is very helpful in some way but this requires a demand for active listening. Remember when using this process, there’s nothing that make them feel exasperated especially when they are repeating their story over and over again.

Also you have to use their name instead of Sir/Madam/Ma’am because it creates a barrier which shouldn’t be there in the first place. This process is usually effective in sales marketing but you can use this one when empathizing to customer concern especially to frustrated customers.


Mr/s customer, I know how you FEEL….
Many of our happiest customers FELT the same way…
However, what they FOUND, after XXX is….

Or with an unhappy incoming call..

Mr/s Customer I understand how you FEEL…
Something similar happened to me and I FELT the same way…
What I FOUND and I hope this will be the same for you is…
And then you can get on to your proposed solution.

.. make sure you add some dash of sincerity and willingness on this one using the correct tone and its guaranteed to work 100%.

Things to Ponder:

“We may agree that Customer is NOT ALWAYS Right,
but we have to consider that Customer is ALWAY IMPORTANT.”

Moving forward, here are some spiels that I actual collated. You can use this one especially that we have empathy week upcoming. You can use this power words guy aside from your standard script that you consecutively are using. Make sure that we use this on APPROPRIATE SCENARIOS and not just READ THEM BECAUSE WE HAVE TO. Our customer’s are purely human with emotions and feelings. We should treat them the same the way we want to be treated as well.
Opening Spiel:
• Thank you for calling ____, this is (my name) and I’m here to provide great help for you today, how may I help you?

• Thank you for calling ___, this is (my name), how can I provide you with excellent service for today?

• Thank you for calling __, this is (my name), how can I be of great service for you today?

• Thank you for calling ___, this is (my name), how can I brighten up your day today?

• This is (my name) from __, how can I make you feel valued for today?

• This is (my name) from __, how can I make you feel valued and be of help for you today?

Empathy with Assurance Statements:

• I am so sorry for that inconvenience, nevertheless I am here to help you out and let me see what I can do for you today.

• I am so sorry that this happened and I will do my best to fix this issue for you today.

• I know this problem is very frustrating at your part but don’t worry, we will work toward fixing this situation for you.

• I am sorry to hear that, you have just reached the right department and I’ll be more than happy to assist you today.

• I completely understand the reason why your having this kind of problem today, rest assured I will make sure that this issue gets resolved today.

• That is really frustrating and I would feel the same if I encountered the same problem. But no worry, well get this resolve today.

• I know it feels terrible to have the same issue going over and over again and I am very sorry for the inconvenience. What I will do for you right away is……

• I completely understand the reason why your frustrated right now, but don’t worry cause I assure you I will try my best to address this concern.

Verbal Nod and Acknowledgement:

You can use this one especially for a successful result after troubleshooting or just simply acknowledging customers queries. Do not use words like Amazing, Good Job, Fantastic and Marvelous cause it do sounds overly exaggerated and it makes our customer feel that we are exaggerating our reaction. Try using simple words like:

• Definitely
• Surely
• Absolutely
• Certainly
• Perfect
• Pretty well
• Great
• Well done


When troubleshooting with the customer, please remember to always use “we” to make the customer feel engaged.

• All we need to do is just…
• One thing that we should do first is…
• As soon as you receive….
• Before we proceed, let us first…


When advising customer, you might want to add this:

• I would suggest…
• I would recommend if….
• To avoid similar inconvenience in the future, I request you to…
• For us not to have the same problem again, let us always…
• To prevent this issue from happening again, let us make sure that…..

Closing the call:

• Your satisfaction is a great compliment for us Mr/s customer. Thank you for choosing ___. You have a great day ahead.
• Assuring you our best services Mr/s customer. Thank you for choosing ___. You have a great day.

Hold Pressure:

When putting customer on hold, make sure we ACT:

A – ask permission
C – create a timeline
T – thank the customer

Observe the proper hold pattern:

• Do you mind staying on the line for 2-3 minutes while I research or process your request?

This way you are asking the caller permission to hold, you are giving them a reason for the hold, and your providing them an attainable timeframe for the hold. Then when you return to the line:

• “Sir/Ma’am, thank you for holding I appreciate your patience.”

This way you are acknowledging the imposition from the hold.

Just a reminder guys that this are just spiels that we can use. What matters is you have to be sincere and willing at the same time. Your voice will always confirm your feeling towards your customer. So you might want to bring a mirror and placed it in front of your desk to check yourself how your doing from time to time.


May 11, 2010

On and On - Missy Elliott

This keeps song keeps popping in my head. It reminds me of Legacy and Katherine during the SYTYCD Season 6 dance routine that they performed with this song, which was choreographed by Dave Scott. It was so cool and old school.

Found at: - FilesTube

On and On
*Missy Elliot*

Beware, you're now listening to the sounds
of Mis-demeanor
Turn everything up, all the levels
All the fuckin levels

[Bridge: Missy]
Missy be the name and y'all should already know
I been around long Scarface so cold
Shimmy shimmy ya, shimmy yo she ya
Let me grab the microphone and I'm gone take it away

[Verse 1]
Every time I spit I blow one or two speakers
Top model diva but my name not Eva
Yeah I brang fever rockin classic adidas
I'm srtaight off the heater rippin needles off the meter
Here I go, flip my flow
Back it up then I drop it low
It's a must cause I'm dangerous
I'll be a hassle on the busta call me angeldust
I talk shit di, didn't stutter
2005 MC's in trouble
You run for cover hide under your covers
Cause you gone need more protection than a magnum rubber

[Chorus 4X: Pharrell]
Ah, ah, on
Ah, ah, on
Ah, ah-ah, ah-ah
Ah, ah, on and it's

[Verse 2]
Missy finna spit this simply raw
Misdemeanor always make MC's feel small
Stick you on the table with a plastic cup
Say grace, then eat ya ass up
Y'all just rookies, virgins, and nookies
Not my competition you skip or play hookie
Aint nobody here that can tear the track up
And naw I ain't done rappin so shut the hell up
Keep it simple every time I flow
If you step to me I shall throw blows
Raise up like I's break nose
I ain't about talkin I'll lay 'em down slow
And for show y'all know
Misdemeanor got 'em by the neck low
Ice cold heart like zero below
If you wanna battle me then playa say so

[Chorus 4X: Pharrell]
Ah, ah, on
Ah, ah, on
Ah, ah-ah, ah-ah
Ah, ah, on and it's

[Verse 3]
Let me tell you what I'm all about
About spitting hot rymes on out
Yeah Pharrell did the beat oh yes
And the way he put it down he make it sound so (fresh)
I be the best don't second guess
When it comes to other rappers bout it boy get flexed
When I say I'm tight as wife beaters
Missy bout to teach you how to follow the leader
Hit the club in a blue two seater
Lookin like I'm finna cock a nine millimeter
Get out with my highhill cuffs
Twisting my ass cause I know what guys want
Licking my lips like I'm takin him home
Teasing and teasing I'm fakin the funk
Shaking my titties like I wanna bone
Bend over slow then I tell him I'm gone

[Chorus 4X: Pharrell]
Ah, ah, on
Ah, ah, on
Ah, ah-ah, ah-ah
Ah, ah, on and it's

Automatic Dog Feeder

Everyday, we live a busy life whether were a student, entrepreneur or even worker. If we are a pet lover, one concern that we have is who will feed your pet. We can’t just ask leave our pet starving at our home. Or even get somebody to take care of them because that will be kind of expensive or worst, dangerous.

Good thing that technology now a days expand. There is this thing that actually feeds them right away. Like a metal dog feeders that are sold by or any other pet company. With this, we don’t need to be afraid to go out in the night or even have a vacation which our pet could not come. By this we are assured that our pet will never starve at all.

Term Life Insurance

Everybody values everyone life's. That is why there is a lot of precautions that are done to at least give an assurance or at least secure life until the later time. Things like term life insurance, pension, social security stuffs and a lot more. This is just pretty normal because life is valuable and only happens once.

May 10, 2010

What the Oracle had said to Me

I just got a free psychic report from Ask-Oracle. Quite amazing though and it did amazed me. You might want to try it since its free. I am not a fan of this stuff but there's no harm reading it during your boredom. Just pasting what I got from the report.

(this I dont know what it means but it gets better when it is read and reported)


The Flames of Your Passion

You tend to be active, dynamic, mobile and assertive. You know that you're special and enjoy a charmed life. Intuition is your thing and you live by your own code, which is usually positive and life affirming. Competitive and flamboyant, you give people a strong and immediate impression of who you are. Timid and slow folk may find you overwhelming, rash and willful. You are more or less self-motivated.

TIP: When dealing with regular people and mere mortals, be patient and polite.

You may or may not carry a vision of the future. If you do, it is your passion and inspiration that can make you the hub of the wheel and an inspiration to others. Once you are sufficiently inspired, you can accomplish virtually anything. On the contrary, when you are without a vision, an aspiration or a goal, you become a candidate for spontaneous combustion.

TIP: If you are a hot head or have dry skin, drink several glasses of pure water every day.

You need to build up your energy and avoid burn out. Make the most of cat naps.

*I am actually patient, I guess. And yeah I am already practicing cat naps.


You're more versatile than most people. You enjoy variety and become bored easily. You're pretty good at adapting to change and going with the flow. In fact, you'd rather go with the tide than against it. Put another way, you're accommodating and obliging. You can adjust.

You're good at getting the word out- by phone, by pen or whatever.

It's possible that you do six or seventeen dozen things at a time. You're certainly not suited for the Zen approach of one thing at a time; nevertheless, try and focus yourself more. Establish your top two priorities in each of several arenas of your life.

TIP: You'll be happier as soon as you determine exactly what it is that you want

* Certainly true. I easily get bored and most of my friends now that. Changes is inevitable, so good thing I can easily adjust. I am good at keeping secrets, but I know how to spread word as well. Multitasking, not a problem with me. But I think I am just too much of it. Lol.

Sun Parallel Mars


You have some aggressive attributes, you're strong. You're reasonably driven, willful, energetic, assertive, competitive, dramatic and enterprising.

In the pursuit of your goals, you're willing to work hard and if necessary, face danger. You tend to do what you think is right. You are not one to give up or give in to fear. To become a star you need to channel some of your energy into physical activity, athletics and exercise. When you're restless, you need to work-out
* I am strong. I can attest to that. And certainly I would agree with what is indicated here.

Sun Parallel Chiron


Either metaphorically or literally, it's possible that you have a wound. Either way, you're something of a maverick, who needs privacy. Paradoxically, you can heal your wound by healing similar wounds in others. You can become a star by meeting a mentor and mastering special skills. You can develop healing powers. Among other things, you can learn to give excellent back rubs.

Pan-galactic forces are urging you to become a wise one. Once you have acquired the true key to your destiny, you can light the way for others, one at a time.

TIP: kim you can cure your alienation by being of service to those who are in quest of their destiny.
* Yeah, wound. Everybody has it. The indications are quite interesting though.

Mercury Contraparallel Neptune


Your imagination can work overtime. You can paint pictures with words. You can think on your feet. You can become a super salesperson. Some of your most creative work is done unwittingly, as if you are attuned to a faraway source. You could be an actor, a dreamer, a mystic, a liar, a faith healer, a psychic and probably are some combination thereof.

There is something artistic about your voice. Develop your musical and dramatic talents. Learn to deliver your lines with something extra.

Instead of letting your imagination play tricks on you, work to communicate meaningful and significant information. Since you can unconsciously attune yourself to other people's thoughts and motivations, you need to stay centered, balanced and grounded. You are naturally psychic and prophetic. Organization is a key to your success.

Learn a middle path between fantasy and reality. Be creative without being an escapist. Your imaginative powers are second to none, and you could create for a living. With an extra creative effort, you could turn your richest fantasies into reality.
* Artistic? really? I dont even know how to sing. I am organized at a certain thought. And yeah I am a dreamer.

Venus Parallel Jupiter


You were born to lead and are very fortunate. There is extra probability that you will achieve affluence and a good measure of success. Women will like you. You will be blessed through travel, education, commerce and law. You can make money through publishing, banking, law and information. You're lucky and you maintain a good appearance. You may indulge a sweet tooth or some dietary excess. You're known for courtesy and charm.
* I am a fan of sweets. And hopefully this is true. *wishing*

Venus Parallel Pluto


You can make money from investments and from buying businesses. You can make a ton of money, literally. You have a phenomenal ability to make money. You can make money on borrowed money and you can make money lending money. You might consider currencies and derivatives. You enjoy personal power, secret wealth and pleasures.
* If this is true, I would be the happiest person.

Jupiter Parallel Pluto


You can be a super champion in just about any field. You need to be noticed and you will be known for your power, your connections, your generosity and your adventures. You are highly competitive and unrelenting in the pursuit of your goals. Super powers and super riches can be yours.
* Superb. Lol.

Saturn Parallel Uranus


You have a strong independent streak and the ability to persuade the masses. A good tactic for you is lawful progress. One way or another, new ideas and technologies will play a decisive pivotal role in your destiny. As you have unique terms for success, yours is a somewhat curious fate. To get more power you need to make the most of advanced technologies and of the wisdom of the past.
* Yeah I think so.

Moon beyond the Tropic of Cancer


You could be driven to achieve success and fame and make an extraordinary amount of money.

You're emotionally cool and reserved. Though at times you exhibit extreme emotional over-reactions. Work to find the middle path to your emotional life, otherwise, a serious weight problem could develop.

TIP: Learn to constructively react to how you feel.

You may have been challenged to please your mom. Possibly, no matter what you do it is too little or too late. Do what you need to do with your mom, but don't focus on "making her happy." In some ways you could be an orphan or deprived of your mother's love. If that is not the case, then perhaps your mother or your father had some kind of "break" with the family and in some way you were emotionally abandoned or deserted. In your family, the mothering style could be distant.
* Somewhat right. IS there an explanation why?
Mercury beyond the Tropic of Capricorn


There is no doubt about it kim. You are a "Mercurial Character." You can be: the messenger, reporter, critic, trickster, educator, whiz kid, D.J., pixie and voyeur. You can develop a unique way with words. You're encouraged to learn another language, perhaps Spanish or a computer language.

Pay attention to themes of "twoness" and you can double your good luck. For example, you can double your income by developing skill as a paid speaker and published author.
* Communication skills huh? Well I just learn a different language not native to our country. And I did wish to be a reporter and a critic before.

Neptune beyond the Tropic of Cancer


You are a "Neptunian Character." You can be: the idealist, artsy type, movie star, rock star, mystic, chemist, socialist, spiritualist, or photographer. You have a great mystique and powerful aura. Like the Jaguar automobile, with plenty of good maintenance and fine tuning you can be a high performer. You're especially sensitive to your environment. Aquatic and nautical themes increase your good luck. For better or worse, your imagination is one of your biggest personality traits. You could be in the public eye a long time. Once you find your guardian angel, all will be well in your world.

TIP: Develop your ability to dance to your own tune, be psychic, musical, and charismatic. Make a big splash with your creations and impressions.
* Thanks for the tip but I am good with before that.

Mercury Retrograde


There is more to your mind than meets the eye. In your early years, you were in your own little world, focused internal. As you age and mature, your focus will become more external. Your mind will move into higher gears, and learning will become easier.

You may have started your life self-conscious and shy, especially about speech and communications. To those who do not know any better, you may appear absentminded. You are, in fact, contemplative and attuned to and aware of subtle psychological states. You just can't always explain what's happening.

You naturally learn through absorption. Make learning easier; get a copy of The Brain Gym. This little booklet will show you simple tricks to make you smarter.

In time you may develop special communications skills and make your mark on the world. Along the way, to make life easier and more fun, learn to make some small talk and deal naturally with casual acquaintances. Stay alert for changing signposts.
* That at least is one of my talents. At least I got something to show.

Mars Retrograde


There is more to your actions than meets the eye. Often times, you do not do what you are told. You do not necessarily obey all of the laws all of the time. Because of this it is important for you to decide which laws you will follow. You need a code to live by to make your life easier.

Are you a candidate for repressed and potentially explosive anger? Do you exhibit passive aggressive behavior? If so, it's a good idea for you to learn healthy and appropriate ways to deal with your anger. Otherwise, your temper may get the best of you. An appropriate channel for these angry feelings might be rigorous physical exercise. Exercises specific to your needs are in the section that follows.

TIP: Beware of displaced or misplaced aggression.

Energetically you're not necessarily more docile or lazier than other people, you just use your power and strength differently. You can go off on your own tangent. You can have cycles of unconventional action and sexual behavior. Prominent persons with "retrograde Mars" include Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King.

Some places possibly suited to your curious Martian temperament may include Alabama, Albania, Angola, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Japan, and Tennessee.
* I am a law breaker, 100%. And I do manage my anger at often times. Being patient is one of my asset. And I like the lower comment. It simply suits me.

Jupiter Retrograde


It hasn't been easy for you to find your place in the community. You're more philosophical and meditative than most people. Somewhat socially reclusive, you often prefer your own company. Paradoxically, you have a great need to belong to a group. This is one of your most basic choices: Will you sustain the effort to create a place for yourself in the community, or will you become progressively more unhappy, isolated and alienated?

TIP: If you're not happy with social conditions, retreat, reconsider and find a creative way to rebel.

Search out groups of people who share your belief systems and with whom you are psychologically attuned. This may take some time to find the proper fit. The people that you are looking for are out of the ordinary, uncommon and atypical. Consider starting a local chapter of a national or global organization.
* I would be very happy if I will ever find a person who thinks like me.
Saturn Retrograde


Something in you bridles against tradition, conventional wisdom and authority. You don't like to be told what to do. Evaluate when and where it is important to take on the establishment. Get Kerry Johnson's The Science of Self Discipline, available from Nightingale-Conant at 1-800-323-5552. Nightingale-Conant offers an unconditional, 30-day money-back guarantee.

TIP: Besides the hard ways, there are other ways to learn. If you can learn from hard knocks, then you can learn from pats on the back.

You can do some of your best work alone. Ironically, in your later years, you may become a leader.
* I am working on this.

Uranus Retrograde


When you are feeling especially anxious and socially alienated, it may be a sign that you are rebelling against yourself. Allow yourself the freedom to be unique and, possibly, unconventional. Unusual friends are pluses too. You can be a genius.
* Ok. Ill take note of this.

Neptune Retrograde


You're a bit self-absorbed with past difficulties and anger from the past. Sometimes you sail on wave after wave of uncharted space. In order to stay focused you need an annual retreat to distill your inspiration and your creative juices. You can make daydreams real. It's your choice; you can be a channel for higher or lower spiritual forces.
* I am already unfolding some of it. At least.