May 30, 2018

Blame Game

We blame others because they are convenient,
not because the truth is convincing enough to be blamed. 

It is just sad to hear people blaming others. But blaming others because you are ignoring the fact that the truth and reality is really someone to be blamed is called blindsiding. Not because it is convenient to blame others make the mistake convenient and realistic. Sometimes, it only make things look more uglier than it should be. 

May 29, 2018

Damn Thoughts

So, umm... I want you.

My exact thoughts after falling for you. I am not sure when, I am not sure how. Damn I am not even sure why. The only thing I can remember, is me waking up with the thoughts of you.

I get nervous when I know you will be around. I get shivers and chills when we are doing our little chat. I can't even think clearly when you are looking at me. I get anxious, I get insecure. Damn I feel like I am under a spell when you are around.

But God knows this isn't real. I know this is a facet of who you are. misinterpreted by my dirty mind. You are just so perfect. The perfection I always want to be mine. I want to conquer it, but God knows this is not for me to take.

Silently, I maybe have started to lovin' you. And it chimes in my mind. It never stop. And it never will.

Damn, I so want you. 

May 28, 2018

A Way Back

So it has been almost a decade before I finally had the chance to retrieve my blog. Luck has been kind enough to give me a chance to reclaim what I thought I had lost. So after 8 years of not sharing any post, here I am back again posting and ranting about anything back again. And it is good to be back, finally.

P.S.: Just so I realized my blog needs cleaning. ughh