May 27, 2009

a solitary day

A smooth recollection for me for this day. I miss my friends outing, i woke up in a bad mood, i even walked from here to the office and the best thing, i just had my written warning and one more absence could lead to termination. This was a not so good week and even a not so good day. I could remember yesterday i was walking here and to where, in the village where i am living. Roaming, staring blankly and dont even know what to do. I think i'm daydreaming when i shouldn't have to. I dont even know why, err. I think i need to wake up now, it seems like things are not in balance lately. I've been going to work lamely, even meeting with my friends i'm getting tired with. I think i really need to poke myself up. What could be so wrong when i thought everything was going right. Hmm, i think i'll just call this a day. Gotta work it out tomorrow. Oh, its my off tomorrow. Maybe on the other day.

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