Jun 3, 2009

Regrets and Regression

I never thought that i would think of regretting the day that i've been with my old company for a couple of months. Cause i was thinking that if i did had applied for the company that i've been with today, i could have had a better position. I just envy other people whom i know im better with wearing a good outfit, staying in the supervisors deck, roaming around and checking all the agents available and stuffs like that. Im envious in some ways but i dont know. I should hate myself why have i thought of this. I did have a good stay in my previous company knowing that i did have a lot of friends and company that i really did have fun with. And a plus factor that i do know networking and stuffs making me a competitive one. Well i think just have to work my way up and be known. Go for GOLD! It just reminded me of our supervisors motto, "WILL AND SKILL IS THE KEY".

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