Aug 22, 2009

Cozy Little Nap Mats

A quite and relaxing sleep for every individual is needed to refresh and regenerate the body's energy. That is why we are required to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day not including taking a nap. With kids, sleeping is a very essential factor for their growth. Everything what they are doing is a learning curve for them stressing them out making them tired and sleepy at certain times. in day care centers or any nursery institutions, they usually provide daycare nap mat for their students to relax with. At least they could relax and destress out after a long day of grasping lessons and things that they had learned, even if their not in their own home.

i could not imagine now a days that those cute little nap mats had been very colorful and child friendly. i think it matches well with a stephen joseph quilted backpack where its design i think was made for kids. you can see those cute little backpacks on how comfortable it is to carry especially for cute little toddlers. i cant even imagine my nephew wearing those cute little quilted backpacks, which i'm dying to take a picture with.

i was thinking of purchasing one to bring in the office. i was thinking as well that they fit perfectly with a stephen joseph backpack since nap mats can be folded. and i'm looking forward to have one to use in the office, lol. Wont i look very childish having those? Well, its cute and nevertheless its undeniably cozy. So i think there's no doubt its very useful on the other hand.

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