Aug 25, 2009

Plants vs Zombies (Pop Cap Game)

i was thinking of things to do when i went on to my brothers room and checked on this game. i find the graphics cartoonist but i was thinking of what made my brother addicted to this game and don't even want to leave his computer even just for a minute. i checked on this game, downloaded it and installed it. its not that big though for computers memory, i was able to zip it with a file size of 52,003 KB. and started playing. first try, it was boring, then later on, now i know how my brother felt when he was playing this game. its a new approach in gaming, its like your playing the Tower Defense of the DOTA (defense of the ancients) game its just that its sleek and funny at the same time. now i'm getting a bit addicted to this game especially for things when you have nothing to do in your home. you can download this game in Pop Cap website. just choose the trial package and if you can manage, you can try to cracked this game to play free forever, but i wont recommend it cause you might get caught with it. well see you around and happy playing, im trying to finish the last wave of zombies going into my home.

here's some insights of the game.

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