Sep 6, 2009

Bring it on: Fight to the Finish

due to my laziness of doing nothing, i opted to watch movie online and luckily was able to check and watched the latest franchise movie of "Bring it on: Fight to the Finish. i know this movie had gone way up and far by its pilot movie "Bring it on". the movie stars Christina Millan which stars as the main character in the story being a Cheer Leader then had to move up to a different state because of her mom. the plot was kinda ripped up from "Bring it On: All or Nothing", but it introduced a different attitude and sense in the movie. it has the sensation of the first and second movie of Bring it on (Bring it on, Bring it Again) and as well as the fire of rivalry on the 3rd franchise which is Bring it on: All or Nothing. The movie is so good, routine wise its different. The story itself is catchy and catches heart of the viewer. And there are a lot of scenes in this movie you'll enjoy and laugh cause it doesn't look cheesy as what you think. And mind you, its a clean movie which lessens the green part of some Bring it on franchise movies. Though its dismaying that it was not launched on the big screen, i'm still grateful i was able to watch the movie. you can search for it on the Internet for movie streams of it. Or if your a collector of the Bring it on franchise, i would suggest you go get the dvd copy of this one and trust me, its worth watching. Here's some movie teasers for you to check this movie out.

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