Oct 8, 2009


I just had finished watching the movie "Enchanted" because of my boredom and impatient waiting for my must-see-shows to buff up. Just to give you an idea of this movie, Enchanted is a 2007 American fantasy-comedy-musical movie which was produced and distributed by of course, the fantasy maker company Walt Disney. The movie Stars Amy Adams who plays the role of Giselle, who I am also confused what star Disney Princess is she. The story started where she's supposed to marry her prince which was played by James Marsden (Cyclops in Xmen movie). Then as the fairy tale story goes, there comes an evil step mother to object the existence of their love pushed her in the well which brought her to the present world. Then there, she met Patrick Dampse who played as Robert Philip, whose a pessimist in love because of the unfortunate event that he encountered with it. He was supposed to be proposed to his long time date Idina Kim, but when Giselle went in to the show, her dream of proposal went out of hand. Of course dont forget Giselle's prince charming going out to the real world to save her princess knowing everything didnt went on to the story. But nevertheless in the end, the story still ended happily ever after. I regreted that I wasn't able to finish the movie when I started it years ago and I really cried watching it. I just felt emotional cause the movie is really cheesy, knowing that fairy tales are, but its just the thought how they created it and made it a different one which is enticing to watch with. Oh well, that made my night, dreaming of happily ever after. =)

Oh and by the way, the music on the film are all good especially on the ball and last music track where it was played when Idina Kim become the princess and married the prince. I felt like a kid watching and listening to it at the same time. Haha.

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