Oct 6, 2009

Heroes Season 4, Volume 5, Redemption

On May 4, 2009, NBC did was able to confirm that their going to release the fourth season which contains the volume five, Redemption. And had just recently released premiere on September 21, 2009 which aired the 60th episode of this TV show entitled Orientation. Its a 2 hour premiere that shows where the story started showing them of our previous Heroes starting their own separate new lives. Too glad, that wikipedia.org is too updated about the season episodes and their summary plot which are very enticing to read and honestly, I am dying to watch those. I could check my favorite websites and even my supervisors are already downloading the Heroes new series. Currently they are already 3 episodes release including the first pilot episode for this volume which is Orientation, Jump Push and Fall, Ink and Acceptance. Next off which are not had been aired are Hysterical Blindness, Tabula Rasa, Strange Attractors and Once Upon a Time in Texas. I've been reading already the shows plot and trust me, you'll be wanting to watch the movie as well. Well I am going to watch mine in my favorite website which airs the TV show as well. See you and have a happy Heroes experience.

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