Oct 23, 2009

Insulated Lunch Tote and some things to Dream for Kids

When I was a kid, it has always been my dream to have packed lunch made of course by your parents with tender loving care. Its just that it didn't happened due to different circumstances. But I was looking forward to have my own kids, hopefully *crossing fingers*, and would opt to give them and provide them the need of care. Showing them love and affection sometimes reflect on the personal things that people can see on them.

It's always my dream to provide them goodies which they should have and to let them know I care. Stating an example is when I am going to their school to provide them lunch, I would always want to bring insulated lunch tote so I could give them only freshly cooked food made by me of course. Or putting their cute little books, notebooks and pencils in a cute toddler backpack paired with a cute little dress which is a good sight especially for dress down days in school. And when going to different places during family day, with their future "Dad" to accompany them, nothing would be so much better to watch them taking a nap. It would be good of course to bring cute and sleek nap mat where they can take a rest.

And I've been dreaming those things to happen since I started living life in a different perception. Now I am thinking of how it could be done and made happen with. Hopefully it could happen the soonest, or maybe never. =(

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