Oct 26, 2009

Some Bath Robe to Think On

Things are changing and moving forward for me lately, and they abruptly come in a good position. So I decided to leave, move forward and do things outside of my shell which is of course kinda risky but adventurous as well. Then I'm off preparing things to buy and stuffs to bring in the new place where I am gonna be living with and gotta hold of the new bath stuffs that could be use there, in a different and sexy way *gees, talking about sexy stuffs*.

Well I tried some stuffs and I fell in love with the this terry bathrobe which I think fits perfectly especially after going out from the bathroom. I'm not going to live alone in one house so I think going out with just a towel wrap is pretty too intimidating especially if there's guys around. Or to be more conservative, a waffle bath robe would also be more appropriate. To think I can still go out and dry my hair while roaming around the house instead of a bath wrap on, which I think fits only in my home where I live. Well so much for that, I should be thinking what to do their instead of thinking what to or not to wear after taking a bath. It just sounds like I'm just going there to take a bath. Ha ha.

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