Jan 17, 2010


I had never been a fan of picture effects though I know how to edit, add effects or enhance pictures using a graphic software such as adobe. But this one I must say is brilliang and really photo fun. Without all the hassles of editing, erasing, cutting, cloning or whatever things they call that in graphic software, you can do it instantly and I mean it. You can have all the pictures in an instant be inserted in any effects that you like. And take note: NO SIGNING UP and LESS BANNER FROM THE SITE so it actually looks real. Now thats what I called photo fun. And they add a lot of effects everyday which you can enjoy (and I really did enjoy it). Here's some of the pictures that I actually edited there and had photo fun with.

I've been a fan of little dogs so I wish I could have a real one.
I dont see any fashion actually with the pic but it pretty looks real like a billboard.

I'm a fan as well of anime art just like my friend Keren love to do before.
It looks real with all the people like it was drawn in the wall in real.

I can't stop laughing from this one. She look's like a haunted woman haunting Edward. Something more scary than the twilight saga monsters.

But she look's enchanting on this one.
Effects such as like this makes a physically challenged picture to look vividly beautiful.

And they can do solid effects like picture shifted to coins, black and white and even sketched. And thats all done in Photofunia.

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Iuri said...

photofunia is not so bad. Just try Picjoke.com they have some awesome effects also.