Feb 16, 2010

5 Heroes of Newerth Beta Keys

Yes, you read it. 5 Heroes of Newerth beta keys up for grabs. So if you need one, you've come to the right place.

I just figured out how to actually have or collect the beta keys that I should have from HON. I had it collected  and sent out to my e-mail. I just need to use one of it and I still have spare 5 beta keys,. But because I feel good, I am giving it away and send it to your e-mail addresses. 

But hold your horses, I am not giving it like a dash. Then comes my evil grin on how to get it. 
How to get it, easy. Give me 5 good reasons why you should have it. I am asking for a reason and make sure you dont give me a very brief answers unless its comprehensible. I know my friends always hear me saying those 5 good reasons stuffs but its your turn to answer it. Enjoy


I just had one person received his beta key. Hopefully, he enjoys the game as much as everybody does and negate all those stupid players that keeps trashing down newbies. Thanks Rian Christer Cruz for participating and enjoy. That leaves me down to 4


Rian Christer Cruz from Philippines said...

(1)I owned a computer shop here in the Philippines and I want to show them the HON.., (2)I have been playing many different games over my days of a gamer, which have been i guess 9 years and I am 23 years old. (3) Im a big fan of DOTA, and HoN looks like the perfect evolution of the DotA concept and it would be really cool if I could be a part of it.(4) Im not a trash-talker player.. i just enjoy the game and never quits. (5)with my two cousin i'm the only one who doesn't have an account T_T
- weitensee@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

1.I'm the Only one in the class without a HON Account 2.I like playing DotA based games 3.Because I am a BIG fan of HON 4.Heroes of Newerth is a really great 3d game that anyone would like to PLAY 5. I want to be a member so that I can hang out with my friend daily.

Please send a BETA KEY to mycool_leonen_07@yahoo.com

Jeff's Weight Loss said...

Hey if you still have a key I would love one. Here are my 5 reasons! 1) I used to play DoTA quite a bit and started playing League of Legends, which although good, does not have the same fell. 2) A number of my friends and I have been trying to get keys so we can play together and if I get a key hopefully I will get some invites to send them too! 3) I enjoy playing challenging games and I am hopeful HoN will be this game, I hate getting trash talked and called a noob, so hopefully this game has less of that! 4) I want to pre-order the game and you can only do that with a beta account! 5) Man, I just really want to play this game!!!

Anonymous said...

if you still have a key , i would really be happy to have one here is my reason 1)I am tired of playing Dota When i found out about Hon 2) other of my friends have a key but i still dont have one 3) many people said HoN is good and it is
4)the graphics of the game is very good and i like it 5 ) i am tired of being a loser in dota thats why i want to play this game..... !!!!


Anonymous said...

1 I want to play new dota
2 Its has new graphic
3 I like its features
4 I like to try their new items
5 I like playing with new friends
pls snd me a beta key i really like this game but I don't have a beta key