Feb 1, 2010

A Certain Mask

In the modern day, emotions can be one way of assessing one person’s personality. People believe that if they would be able to induce their emotion, they will adapt the certain personality of different people. This people who are known to wear mask everywhere sometimes gives out a positive outview to a particular person. On the other hand, it leads that person to forget and neglect the real them. As with the cliche, things can only be forgotten if there is an intention. I’ll tell you a story about a person who decided to mask the real him.

It started when he learned that indepence is not a matter of choice or destiny but instead its a matter of decision and pursuance. It was the cry of wanting to run away led him to do so. Which expectedly led him to live a happy go lucky life. A life which he thought he could be as free as the birds are. But yes he was able to do so, but not for long.

The happiness perished and was replaced with the ugly truth of life. I could remember the cold night when he was walking a long wide road in search of comfort and care. A trike and interaction, trying to mix with those eyes who are ravishly judging him. He was wantingly tried to be pushed away, but he fought back. Yes he was able to socially interact with them but for a price of shame, impervous judgement and solid mistreatment.

I could remember the social threat that people are giving him, because for them he made a wrong choice. He chose the option that will lead him to perish his character. An option that will never be successful, so as the so called wise man had said. They never knew, till one day.

I came across with this person again. I was amazed with the sensible talkings that he shared. The life that he was saying that he lost, came back. Not whole, but eventually it would be.

I came across this person again. This time it he’s way too different. I was amazed with the all the things that he possess. You can see, those weary and tired face that he has depicts a story of his journey. I could certainly say, that was the person I met years ago. With his posture he abruptly shows a different person, but his eyes I can see the trapped him. Jailed and covered with a mask.

Who can blame him with that? No one. He used it as a shield and sword. To grow, learn and be somewhat successful. But is it right? I think not. I can see and feel that when he talks something about himself, its never been dug dip. He’s defensive personality tries to cover it back again, but I know the real him wanted to be free. He traded himself to something he don’t want to be. To live and to grow. Its benefit in exchange of what he is.

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