Feb 11, 2010

Life and Nuisance

Of course there is no formula for success except perhaps an unconditional acceptance of life and what it brings. - Arthur Rubinstein.

This is certainly true and I could attest to this. I remember those days when I hear people crying and ranting out why life is unfair and why they get all the sufferings and burden. I would merely laugh at them because I know life only gives what it gets. When they were all crying out loud of their sufferings, here I was figuring how to deal with it. It saved me all the energy that I need to live my life instead of ranting out. I am pretty sure I won't get anything from impeccably whining.

Maybe that explains my apathetic emotion when I see people having none or less food. I am sensitive but due to struggling I become insensitive. But it doesn’t prohibit me from showing emotion. For me emotion should be used in a fluctuant manner. I believe emotion is powerful enough to damage or help people so it should be use wisely.

I don't believe in reasons that life is this because of that. If you know how to worked it out, I believe tables could be turned around. Nobody could stay on the top forever nor success would last long. Everything is expensable but the value of what we had achieved is sentimental.

Live life and understand life like love; know what it brings and accept it, in the end you'll understand how happiness work. That’s my side for such quote. How bout yours?

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