Feb 10, 2010

My New Home

I almost cried thinking I screwed up everything in hosting this website to another webhosting company. But I finally made it and I am so happy. Thanks for the author's of the links who helped me go through with this burden:
  • Bloggergeeze - for the realization of what I had miss
  • Bloggerbuster - for the initial guide
  • Radhna Krishna Reddy - for the nameservers and the 15 easy steps which I followed
  • Godaddy - of course for the hosting services and some useful tips as well
  • Compender - for the picture support and some assistance as well
  • And of course, to my ever friend Chenee who had been patient enough to be my outlet for my woes and trouble. I know she knew that I wasn't listening as well to what she was saying. Ha ha.

Welcome to my new home!!


cheneetot said...


nice page mami :)

• jaeRou said...

thanks.. xD