Mar 28, 2010

Everyday a lot of energy is wasted and pollution is everywhere. Everywhere you go and whatever you do everything are most likely being wasted. By statistics, pollution causes 40 percent of deaths worldwide. That’s based on Cornell research. Apparently, the most destructive form of pollution is by water since the earth is surrounded by water.

Good thing that there is a company that actually is concerned of turning waste to energy. This company, N-Viro, is an International Corporation that has developed technology by making use of alternative energy. They are able to manage and manufacture renewable energy, clean coal and manage opportunity fuels. The company’s first facility was established in 1988 and spread out all over the world. The company was incorporated by different companies because of their great ideas such as clean coal, opportunity fuels, renewable energy and a lot more.

Here are some ideas that I got from their website which is pretty amazing:

N-Viro Process
The N-Viro patented process is known as Advanced Alkaline Stabilization with Subsequent Accelerated Drying, or AASSAD. In this process, an alkaline admixture (AA) is added to dewatered biosolids, mixed, heated (in part through a chemical reaction) and dried. A

N-Viro Benefits
N-Viro Soil Amendment is a sustainable, safe, natural and green product with a long track record of successful use and application in Canada and the United States. The numerous benefits of N-Viro Soil Amendment fall into the following categories:
  •  Srict Adherence to Government Regulations
  • Repsonsible Manufacturing 

  • Unparalleled Value to the Agricultural Community

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