Mar 2, 2010

Mocking God?

To even imply that God will be offended, and then curse you down, is as per usual playing upon the fear factor, as do many religous organisations.

You are automatically stating that, God is like us….on our level of intelligence! Do you really think that the “all that there is”, is not greater than that… That (he) would become jealous….. and would be offended…..and seek revenge.

Would you tell a child not to kill, and then set example by doing it yourself.

You could say, well God would have the knowledge……even so, it would conflict with the fact that we are All one. You wouldn’t kill yourself.WE are not seperate from one another.This is the biggest illusion that Humans face!

I appreciate that to mock God, is not the thing to do, but as a human being surely to mock anyone is not the thing to do. It is more of a reflection of the person saying it, than it is of God.You have much to learn. - HHH

I so like this statement of defense of God punishing people right away when mocked. Its so true and I would agree with the statement.

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