May 12, 2010

Call Center Spiels

I decided to create some empathy compilation of power words. I realized that there is a lesser spiels or stuffs that BPO people can read within the web. So I would want to add this on those list and hopefully would help.

Everyday in our life of being a Technical Support, we usually deal with a lot of frustrated customer. Most often times we are told that we just have to empathize to the customer and everything will be better but most often times its not working.

At the back of your mind you might be asking, “why do we need to empathize when it’s not our fault?” Remember that when empathize to our customer concern, we’re not actually accepting the problem that they have as our fault but instead, we are able to understand they’re feeling as a consumer and the inconvenience that they had experienced.

That is why primarily we should not be upset, but instead listen and feel their inconvenience which made them call us asking for help which we are an expert.

Feel, Felt, Found

This is a process that was used by different people providing quality service which is very helpful in some way but this requires a demand for active listening. Remember when using this process, there’s nothing that make them feel exasperated especially when they are repeating their story over and over again.

Also you have to use their name instead of Sir/Madam/Ma’am because it creates a barrier which shouldn’t be there in the first place. This process is usually effective in sales marketing but you can use this one when empathizing to customer concern especially to frustrated customers.


Mr/s customer, I know how you FEEL….
Many of our happiest customers FELT the same way…
However, what they FOUND, after XXX is….

Or with an unhappy incoming call..

Mr/s Customer I understand how you FEEL…
Something similar happened to me and I FELT the same way…
What I FOUND and I hope this will be the same for you is…
And then you can get on to your proposed solution.

.. make sure you add some dash of sincerity and willingness on this one using the correct tone and its guaranteed to work 100%.

Things to Ponder:

“We may agree that Customer is NOT ALWAYS Right,
but we have to consider that Customer is ALWAY IMPORTANT.”

Moving forward, here are some spiels that I actual collated. You can use this one especially that we have empathy week upcoming. You can use this power words guy aside from your standard script that you consecutively are using. Make sure that we use this on APPROPRIATE SCENARIOS and not just READ THEM BECAUSE WE HAVE TO. Our customer’s are purely human with emotions and feelings. We should treat them the same the way we want to be treated as well.
Opening Spiel:
• Thank you for calling ____, this is (my name) and I’m here to provide great help for you today, how may I help you?

• Thank you for calling ___, this is (my name), how can I provide you with excellent service for today?

• Thank you for calling __, this is (my name), how can I be of great service for you today?

• Thank you for calling ___, this is (my name), how can I brighten up your day today?

• This is (my name) from __, how can I make you feel valued for today?

• This is (my name) from __, how can I make you feel valued and be of help for you today?

Empathy with Assurance Statements:

• I am so sorry for that inconvenience, nevertheless I am here to help you out and let me see what I can do for you today.

• I am so sorry that this happened and I will do my best to fix this issue for you today.

• I know this problem is very frustrating at your part but don’t worry, we will work toward fixing this situation for you.

• I am sorry to hear that, you have just reached the right department and I’ll be more than happy to assist you today.

• I completely understand the reason why your having this kind of problem today, rest assured I will make sure that this issue gets resolved today.

• That is really frustrating and I would feel the same if I encountered the same problem. But no worry, well get this resolve today.

• I know it feels terrible to have the same issue going over and over again and I am very sorry for the inconvenience. What I will do for you right away is……

• I completely understand the reason why your frustrated right now, but don’t worry cause I assure you I will try my best to address this concern.

Verbal Nod and Acknowledgement:

You can use this one especially for a successful result after troubleshooting or just simply acknowledging customers queries. Do not use words like Amazing, Good Job, Fantastic and Marvelous cause it do sounds overly exaggerated and it makes our customer feel that we are exaggerating our reaction. Try using simple words like:

• Definitely
• Surely
• Absolutely
• Certainly
• Perfect
• Pretty well
• Great
• Well done


When troubleshooting with the customer, please remember to always use “we” to make the customer feel engaged.

• All we need to do is just…
• One thing that we should do first is…
• As soon as you receive….
• Before we proceed, let us first…


When advising customer, you might want to add this:

• I would suggest…
• I would recommend if….
• To avoid similar inconvenience in the future, I request you to…
• For us not to have the same problem again, let us always…
• To prevent this issue from happening again, let us make sure that…..

Closing the call:

• Your satisfaction is a great compliment for us Mr/s customer. Thank you for choosing ___. You have a great day ahead.
• Assuring you our best services Mr/s customer. Thank you for choosing ___. You have a great day.

Hold Pressure:

When putting customer on hold, make sure we ACT:

A – ask permission
C – create a timeline
T – thank the customer

Observe the proper hold pattern:

• Do you mind staying on the line for 2-3 minutes while I research or process your request?

This way you are asking the caller permission to hold, you are giving them a reason for the hold, and your providing them an attainable timeframe for the hold. Then when you return to the line:

• “Sir/Ma’am, thank you for holding I appreciate your patience.”

This way you are acknowledging the imposition from the hold.

Just a reminder guys that this are just spiels that we can use. What matters is you have to be sincere and willing at the same time. Your voice will always confirm your feeling towards your customer. So you might want to bring a mirror and placed it in front of your desk to check yourself how your doing from time to time.



Anonymous said...

Oh this is of great help to me. you are my angel today. I am blessed to have read this. I am on training & I can't find the right words/spiels. I am so nervous during call simulation. Thank you very much

Rain said...

dude for me you're not just an're a savior. for months i have been struggling in my tech rep job and this got me through the day! hope you keep on updating it!


thank you for this post.. i am a first timer in the Technical support industry...

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wow thanks for that spiels and information on using it. this will boost me out to concentrate on the customer problem than thinking on how to start speaking in a polite way..

anthony said...

what if the customer doesn't want to give information for verification how can i convince him/her to put trust on me????

and what spiels can you add
in-case if it is an escalating call? how can i handle if the customer want to be transfer to the manager asap? how can i convince him/her to resolve the problem?

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thank you so much.... tomorrow is my call sim... very much needed help... woohoo

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thanks man.. actually im having my ABay this week. cant believe the fuck that bein in a call center industry is just a pice of cake. but i was all wrong..

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Thank you so much for this!!! :)

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thank you so much for this least i have these spiels and information as my armor for my call simulation tomorrow.

Thanks a lot and GOD BLESS you

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Thank you so much for the advance tips that you've made, this is actually great help for me. keep it up. I hope you will post a lot more informative ideas like this. God bless you!

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Jackson said ...

If in-case it is an onset escalations call, try atleast authenticating the account and check the interaction history and also offer assistance to the customer.

If customer refused, ask your immediate supervisor or support to double check the account to see what you can do to deescalate at least twice.

If customer still refused, then escalate the call with proper setting of expectation.

Hope this helps.

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really helps a lot....thank you

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whoever you are,,,we thank you for this,,,you just gave me confidence and additional knowledge,

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This would really help a lot to people who are in this kind of industry especially for the beginners like me. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! God bless.

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Wow thanks for this. :)) ill try to save this on my notes and will personalize it so I can use it.

vicky tusing said...

Wow thanks for this. :)) ill try to save this on my notes and will personalize it so I can use it.

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Thank you for this post!!! :))). it certainly boost my morale in dealing with our members calling us for other concerns side from payment issues. And all these saple spiel were of big help for a newbie like me in BPO industry.

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