May 30, 2010

Club Penguin Membership

If you’re up for challenges to earn prizes such as game cheats, membership fees and more, well you might want to try club penguin membership. This is an online competition which people are motivated for different prizes which they can win. Now how to sign up, very easy. Just go to their site, and follow this 3 easy process:

  1. Register: The sign up process takes about 10 seconds, and your going to get 5 FREE BONUS POINTS when you register.

  2. Earn points: To be able to offer their users FREE Membership, Unlimited cheats packages or free gift vouchers to Enjoy playing Club Penguin you need to earn points. Earning these points are FREE, and you just need to complete a few surveys to get enough points to claim a free Membership, Gifts or Code/Cheats Packages. You can also earn points by signing up to some trial offers, but we recommend you stick to the free surveys for now.

  3. Get a Free Membership/Cheats: Once you have earned 50 points on Free Club Penguin you can swap them for REAL FREE Membership or Cheats Package, which you can use ALONE to enjoy your time.
What are points worth? 

  • 10 points = #1 Cheats Package

  • 50 points = Unlimited Cheats/CODE Packages

  • 100 points = FREE 1 year Membership

  • 200 points = Unlimited Cheats/CODE Packages & FREE 1 year Membership

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