May 23, 2010


Invisalign is a famous brand for clear removable teeth aligners which both orthodontists and dentist use rather than the traditional metal dental braces. Base on statistics of April 2008, there were more than 730,000 people who have completed or currently in treatment. Invisalign dentist in Austin and other locations around the states are pretty aware of the advantages for this product which I am going to cover for this article.
Invisalign products have been known for the advantages that this product gives: 
  • the aligners are completely transparent which makes it more difficult to detect compared to old fashion braces.
  • Invisaligh aligners are more comfortable than braces. Because of this, you can eat food without feeling bothered or awkward compared to when your eating with metallic braces.
  • this aligners give less force per week and less pain than do fixed appliances.
  • this aligners should be removed when eating, drinking, cleaning the teeth or to have them checked by the clinician. Because of this you are not limited to the food that you wanted to eat.
  • Invisalign treatments were claimed to be quicker than traditional orthodontics which was based on the study done in Indiana.
  • faster and effective results

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