Jun 21, 2010

5 Tips in Eye Care

Our eyes is the most neglected part of our body which is the most helpful and useful piece that we have in our entire life. That is one of the reason why taking care of it is important. Worry no more cause I just found out some 5 tips to remember in taking care of your eyes. Thanks to Dirjournal.com for this one.

  1. Get your eyes examined regularly—It’s recommended that you gets your eyes checked at least every two years. This goes for you too, Mr. 20/20 Vision. The truth is that even if you’ve always had perfect vision, your eyesight can start to decline. And because vision changes occur slowly, you may not even realize that you can’t see as well anymore. A routine exam will ensure your eyes are in good health, and if you need glasses or contacts, you can get them so you won’t strain your eyes. For kids and older adults, it’s best to get eyes checked even more often, perhaps yearly. If you want to to, you can visit USAEyes as they provide quality eye service and check up. You can also visit their website which is USAEyes.org.

  2. Don’t squint or strain your eyes—Squinting and forcing your eyes to work hard can take a toll on your eyes. They may not cause your vision to change, but these acts can lead to eye fatigue. When your eyes are tired, you could experience headaches and other similar symptoms. Straining your eyes is usually a sign of poor vision, so if you have tired eyes on a regular basis, it might be time to get an eye exam.

  3. Pay attention to warning signs—The great thing about the human body is that it normally gives us little indicators whenever something is wrong. This goes for your eyes too. There are a lot of warning signs you need to pay attention to. I already mentioned eye fatigue…that’s one warning sign. Other signs to look out for include blurry vision, trouble focusing, headaches, red eyes, sudden loss of vision, and general eye pain. Take any and all of these symptoms very seriously, and go see an ophthalmologist (eye doctor) immediately.

  4. Know what you’re putting in your eyes—Do you use eye drops on a regular basis? If so, you need to take some time to read the label before you continue using the product. Some eye drops aren’t meant to be used while you’re wearing contact lenses. Other eye drops can actually stop working or cause problems if you continue use for too long. Always read the label before putting anything in your eyes.

  5. Eat your veggies—It’s not a myth: Carrots and other vegetables really are good for your eyes. That’s because carrots are chock full of beta carotene which helps you enjoy healthy eyes.
We should always be taking care of our eyes, as we can only have one pair of eyes and will never have a replica of a new one again. For some teaching stories, you might want to read the story that I got from the website entitled "A Lighter, Decter Touch" introducing some help from USAeyes and Lasik.

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Monica said...

Our sight has to last a lifetime. So we should take good care of it with eye health supplements and good safety practices. Eye examination is also an important part of health maintenance for everyone. Anyway, thanks for the tips.

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