Jun 8, 2010

5 Tips to do After a Car Accident

Car Accident happens around the world at anytime of the day. In the United States, this is rampant during winter months because of the slippery road and accompanied with strong rains which blocks people from seeing the road. When a car collision just had happened, it is usually hard to think what to do so its better that we know what to do before an accident happens. Here are some ideas that we might want to do first after an accident happen. Make sure you read this very well and print it out so you’ll have a copy with this in your car.

  • Know what are the Damages or Injuries that it has caused. The key to any accidents is to stay calm because panicking will not do any good and will only make the situation worse. So try to breathe out for a while and check the damages or injuries it has caused so you would know what to do next.

  • File a Report of Accidence with the Police. Whatever accidents you have, it is imperative that we create a legal file report which could benefit us in the long run especially if there are legalities or complaints involved. Make sure that you never leave the scene until the filing of report is already done.

  • Discuss what happened only with the Authorities. Accidents always attract a lot of people and that is a fact. A lot of people would just want to get a scene and even culprits are in the scene trying to take advantage of the situation. I know it might be shocking especially if these things happened but let us keep in mind to always and ONLY talk to people with authority such as the POLICE. Never disclose any details or information aside from them and to your insurance agent. And a friendly advice, limit your discussion and never admit any fault or liability.  

  • Know the Truth of the Accident. Always get the details of the people involved in an accident. We might be shook still but never forget of things that you need to take down for those people involved in the accidents. Make sure you have the Name, address and phone numbers and make sure they can present any ID’s to attest the truthfulness of their identities. Don’t just rely on their license plate because for some insurance companies, they will just record the type of car and the vehicle identification number.

  • Call Your Insurance Company. We should always make it a point to call our insurance company right away. Some companies such as Auto Insurance Los Angeles has toll free number like this, 1-800-475-6840. Having insurances in this company will be convenient at your part because you can call them anytime especially if the accident had just happened and the reports are not yet done. That would be the best thing that you can do because police officers can give insurance company a more accurate information which saves you a lot of time waiting for your claim to be approved.

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