Jun 25, 2010

Ten Tips to Interior Designing

Designing a home is pretty tedious knowing that the word it isn’t easy to design especially if your not that good in designing. Whether your house needs a San Diego home improvement it is still not a guarantee of having a very beautiful interior design that will make people go WOW. Not just that, the word itself I think would demand a heap of money that only rich and famous people to know. Here are some tips that Interior designer wannabe can do without spending a lot and this tip is pretty good for apartment homes or houses that are small. Thanks to hubpage for this wonderful idea that everybody would love.

1.) De Clutter
If your house is small or if you’re living in a small apartment place, make sure that you make very good and wonderful storage ideas that are somewhat camouflaging with your furniture or house design. These are things like a bed with a drawer underneath or a chair that has small compartments below. This is good because it gives your place more room for other things to put on rather than putting them in display on different sides which sometimes looks messy and unorganized.

2.) Choose Appropriate Size Furniture
You should never ever and would never buy things that are too big or too small in your place. Always try to measure first before you buy something to make sure that whatever you buy would fit very well and would not eat up the spaces that should have been allocated for some places.

3.) Use Mirrors
If your fan of watching horror movies, you might not consider to put a mirror on your home because this where usually ghosts and monsters lurk in. But those are just movies and it’s too far from reality. Mirrors can actually visually double the size of a room and make one room totally lit up because of its property of reflecting light. Usage of a mirror doesn’t just end up in faces, you just got to discover it and try it as well to know what it can do in the world of interior designing.

4.) Lighting
Here are some four tips to remember on lighting.

a.) always remember to utilize the natural light you can
b.) if you think you have a low ceiling, light spots are your best friend. Spot lights can actually heighten the height on your room visually and will make your ceiling seem a little bit higher. Therefore your room will look seem larger.
c.) Light all four corners of the room. You can do this by putting a lamp on some part of the room or putting a wall mounted floor lights to draw the attention on the other angels of the room. This gives a visually expanded size of the room which make its bigger.
d.) If you have a low ceiling, always remember to emphasize all the verticals by using curtains, striper wall paper, up lighters or gloss paint on the ceiling to bounce light down.

5.) Colour
Make it a habit not to make your house look like a rainbow because of too much mixture of warm colors. Always consider that every color shades has its own enemy so make sure you don’t go away too much on the shade that you have just chosen for your room.

6.) Neutrals (Black, Grey, White, sometimes Brown and Beige)
This is also termed as “non colours”. This is a very good option especially for people who are not used to designing and not sure of what colour to choose. Good thing for using neutrals is they can just be easily layered, mixed and matched because no other neutral colour can dominate over another. But you have to remember the Big Rule for finding the right colour for walls, and that is TESTING. Any San Diego interior designers or local interior designers does that.

7.) Accent Colours
This can colours can be used as a complementary colours which gives a delightful mix when used in small quantities to lift or to give an uplifting attraction to a colour scheme. Accent colour will work well if you’re using a bright or vibrant colour. Remember that this doesn’t just with paints, this colors also goes with the furniture, vases, pillows or even flowers.

8.) Clashing Colours
This is for people who think that colour should be a splendid drama. But remember that using Clashing colours will only look good if mixed carefully with equal tonal strength. Just one thing to remember, one color that may look pale or weak will result to getting lost of the overall look.

9.) Use your Own Treasures
Remember that not all designs or memorabilia’s have to expensive. A simple old music box or an old jack on the box toy will actually make one living room full of story. So don’t be shy on putting your old stuffs as a design.

10.) Wall Art
A simple wall art can change the mood and individuality which you seek without dominating the whole room unlike furniture does. Aside from that, they can be just placed anywhere and very convenient to move around over time.

Hope that this would be able to helped you a lot when you want to do designing, remember that we can still learn more and a small tips from known friends can actually go a long way from your own perspective.

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