Jun 24, 2010

To Travel with or without an Agency

Vacation, vacation, vacation and a more of vacation. This is one thing that always motivates me when I wanted to give up with the all the workload that I have. I can be somewhat delusional trying to think of going to a lot of places like staying in Staybridge Palmdale CA. Staying to those places is a luxury for anybody but good thing that now a days everybody thinks of getting a trip with convenience with organization. And then here comes our little agency friend, Travel Agency.

Traveling booking in a Traveling agency has their cons and pros. Here is some detailed information of what are the things that we should know when planning to travel with a Travel Agency.

Lets start with disadvantages:

1.) Scams – everybody does a little or lot of scams now a days and one of their cons are setting up a so-good-to-be-true travel agency. So be careful in choosing an agency.

2.) Limited and not by choice – everybody wants to have their own choice and not just mandated of what just to do or where to stay

3.) Over rated prices – not all of the things offered by agencies are cheap but sometimes very expensive compared to other places within the travel spot.

But, its not all disadvantages. Travelling with them has their own light sides too such as convenience and a lot more like:

1.) Your freedom to choose there and when to go – and this is the most convenient part.

2.) Get privileged to see places that are not commonly shown to usual tourists

3.) Risky but safe – risk is always at hand when going to different places but because you’re traveling with them, safety is one of their priority which ensures you of your whole safety while travelling with them. Now anywhere you go, even if your staying in an antelope valley hotels, you know your safe and that’s one of the things that every travelers would like to have.

4.) Options – because they are not just agency around, you have a lot of options to choose from and prices are more usually different in any agency which will eventually lead you to a cheaper one.

After weighing all those cons and pros, now try to think of the places where you want to stay or have a taste spending the night in Lancaster California Hotel.

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