Jun 23, 2010

Wishing in Hving a Companion at Home

I really love dogs and I would really love to keep and take care of one but because I am not a locale on the place that I am living with, it is kind of impossible. I actually found out that dogs actually have a lot of beneficial effects especially with their companionship. On the study that I have read, here are the concluded things that they can actually benefit human:
  • Decreased feelings of anxiety, stress and isolation
  • Increased self-esteem, sense of responsibility and competence in older children
  • Enhanced respect for all living beings
And its good thing because it will also motivate you to beautify your place to make it livable not just for you and for other living things as well. For dog’s you will be investing for some dog houses that they need to live in, dog litter box for them to litter with and so much more.
Responsibility in taking care of a dog doesn’t just end in feeding them. Like a kid you also have to invest to them. This could be done by doing some training sessions on how to be obedient or housebreaking your puppy. And it’s kind of amazing that they can be trained. In fact, there are a lot of feedbacks when it comes to training them which you can just read or hear from your friends. This can be read in different website which you can easily search in Google such as Dog Toilet Testimonials and Dog training for guarding.
I am really looking forward to have a dog, hopefully I could have one. =(

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