Aug 1, 2010

Sun Cell 350 easyline and its Freebies

I just got excited with my new affordable Sun postpaid account which did not require me a bunchful of requirements. It is really convenient for my part as I can get it right away even if its just a postpaid SIM. The good thing is I dont need to be locked in to them for 24 months or so. 3 months and I have the option already to quit if I dont like it. Service is great (except for some places where cell sites are not yet covered, but its very seldom not to get one though) and everything is affordable.

What I like most of what they offer is unlike other postpaid plans, you get a lot of freebies that they can offer. For the plan that I got which is really cheap for only 350, I am already entitled for free text and call to same network. Which is very great of course. I also get to subscribe for their promotional stuffs which are included in Value Added Service. Of course that will be added on top of your bill, but convenient for most part.

The best service that I can get from them is the free access to to facebook. If you are a Sun subscriber. You just need to type in and you get to have free access to your account. You can do anything you want same like the old facebook just minus the picture activities which when you click, will already start charging since you will be transferred to a different url.

With that service they provide, isn't this the most convenient and most affordable cell plan ever?

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Anonymous said...

thats the best muthafuckin thing i heard, plan 350 are offered for dumb persons like you, dont u have money to buy for high end fones? fones offered in plan 350 is very humiliating if you're working in a high end place like top of the mountain...kinang ina mo