May 29, 2018

Damn Thoughts

So, umm... I want you.

My exact thoughts after falling for you. I am not sure when, I am not sure how. Damn I am not even sure why. The only thing I can remember, is me waking up with the thoughts of you.

I get nervous when I know you will be around. I get shivers and chills when we are doing our little chat. I can't even think clearly when you are looking at me. I get anxious, I get insecure. Damn I feel like I am under a spell when you are around.

But God knows this isn't real. I know this is a facet of who you are. misinterpreted by my dirty mind. You are just so perfect. The perfection I always want to be mine. I want to conquer it, but God knows this is not for me to take.

Silently, I maybe have started to lovin' you. And it chimes in my mind. It never stop. And it never will.

Damn, I so want you. 

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