May 31, 2009

A day today

I slept almost 9 pm knowing that my schedule for work would be 8 to 9 hours ahead. And in the middle of the night i heard someone talking with the lights on just outside my room (as in what the hell). The worst part is when i woke up late and came rushing out from the house going to the office. Then in the middle of the fatal walking, i realize that my ID card was missing same goes with my ID pass. Then i came back from where i started trying to look for the pathetic ID who managed to loose out from where it is connected. And too glad i wasn't late, cause i was able to log in 10 minutes before the said actual time. Then checking on the schedule, wallah. I should have my OFF because of the schedule changes. Damn it. Now that made me sick the whole shift. What a day today.

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