May 31, 2009

The Old Habits

Here i am again. Still awake (alive and kicking) in the early morning. In my clock its exactly 2:00 pm, with no signs of feeling sleepy. I woke up with a good manner but ended up frustrated especially with what happen to the light bulb. I want to laugh and get upset at the same time knowing that it was my fault and knowing that i wont have any light for this evening. I was suppose to call the my dad to fix this one out he's not around and knowing that he's old to do it thought i know he can. im laughing my way around with foolishness i am doing in the middle of the night. Hitting again the shop me and my friend use to play knowing that tomorrow i will have the best schedule that i want with regards to my work. Oh and now i feel sleepy. I think i have to run already, ill call this a day.

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