Jun 28, 2009

Heroes Season 3, Volume Four

i was cryptically obsessed with the TV series show "Heroes". Exaggerated as it may sound but cant deny the fact that it is absolutely real. I was going with days and days knowing that the new season is out and had been dying to have one of their DVD rips copy so i can lavish myself with that TV shows but never had any luck . Until with point of desperation, this came this website which i can watch the whole season with no problem. I had actually went on to different websites and browsed some video streaming sites as well but had no luck, until finally i was able to have it. Well, not to selfish, (though it may sound unfair cause i did all the hard work), I'm gonna post the websites that i have been link to with the new season of Heroes. And just a heads up, the season 4 is actually mixed up with Season 3. But if your gonna check some web list of their episodes, you'll know where to start. Probably they did these to prevent infringement or some act that other people you know would overly react. Anyways, enjoy.

- this website has all the list of the shows and works on two different browsers, so either you use Firefox or IE, it'll work.

you can also check, Videostic, Fancast or Hulu

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