Jun 28, 2009

Legally Blondes

i just bumped in to an unexpected movies never thought i would finish to watch. same old days when you get bored and had roamed around different websites in the attempt to takeout the boredom. Legally Blondes is a classical social type move, especially for those peoples who acts stupid with Gucci and Pinks, some super high class people and talks with DUHs. The movie was light, who's stars have a family trace of Elle Woods (star of Legally Blond). Annize and Izzy, who starred this movie both blonde and look almost twins. And movie has a plot of same old high school life having someone mocking you at the back. Some movies to watch make you laugh even if they're not meant to. Lol. You can try to check on that and get a DVD copy of it.


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Kawen-chan said...

I have watched this movie before, found it quite boring. -___-