Jun 10, 2009


I woke up late and had even this feeling of not wanting to go anywhere but stay and be with my bed to sleep. I used to have this feeling before when i was working in my previous company because of the hectic and frantic schedule that we have. But with the new company, i still dont know why. Probably its because of the schedule that i am not comfortable with. Well i am adjusting with my schedule, probably. But im not really comfortable with it cause when i sleep, i can already see the sun rising up and people passing by to do something and stuffs that they need to do. And if i were a vampire, probably i already burned. Nyahaha. Oh well, i wish we could have our old schedule back. I miss walking early morning going to my home and brushing my teeth and its still dark and no one is passing by around my house. Well, i just have to pass by with this schedule and make sure i work out with this.

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