Jun 16, 2009

Yesterday Jinx

Yesterday was not a good day for me. it started off sleeping not so comfortable, exhausted the whole day. Our supposed to be movie day was canceled because of some people irresponsibility to come on time that they are expected to. Excuses could have been accepted, but not tolerable. I came to my shift with like a heavy thing on my head and grooving out wanting to sleep but i cant to. I was thinking to have at least a not so busy shift, but guess what, it was busy the whole shift. Super busy and my breaks cant even help to soothen me up. The baddest thing is when i've got the unwanting zero score in one of my achievables. It shocked my whole day yesterday knowing that i'm starting to bring my whole team down. Woah! Yesterday was not really my day. And i have to make a big difference now. Gotta scram.

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