Jul 12, 2009

Weekend Outing

just had my weekend break or what is normally called in BPO's industry as "TEAM BUILDING". a group of people, around 30, running, drinking (of course liquor not beverage), cooking, talking and all lot of stuffs that people do during outing. its such a perfect treat especially for us who rarely see the beauty of those stuffs because of our unscheduled schedule which is pretty pesky if your not really used to it. with a bunch of foods served there, you'll be the one surrendering cause you cant take it anymore. we had a lot of games, green games to be specific, and i had even took a snapshot of expected funniness on that game and it was really funny (making me think of taking photography). and going home smiling even though we know that our body is already tired and having some delusion of the scenes, laughter and sands in the sea. something that i can commerate with. hope to have more of this.

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