Aug 18, 2009

Im Yours and Your Mine - Brenan

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this is one of the new songs addition from in Audition PH Online Dance Game by Brenan. when i was listening to this song, i thought the artist was an R'n'B singer from some foreign country but then i found out that he's not. we actually live in thesame country and before when he was a kid, he was aired in one of the known educational tv shows known as "Sineskwela" known as "Agatom". I was amazed and awed with his achievement and i never thought he could sing that good. the songs featured is titled "Im yours and your mine" is one of my favorite tracks in his album, but he has a actually a lot of good songs to choose from. Below is some detailed information that i found out from him, of course with the help of my best friend, Wikipedia.

Real Name : Brenan Espartinez

Born on February 18, 1986. A 19-year-old Pangasinense, is a third-year college student at UST. He digs Rhythm and Blues and just like his multi-talented idols Usher and Justin Timberlake, he's a good dancer as well. One of the judges comments about him is that he knows how to add color and emotion to the song.

You may not know him but Brennan is that kid in Sineskwela. He started as "little Brenan" and was very famous with their Planet song (mang victor espinosa song). He also played the character "Agatom" and at his last years in Sineskwela as "big Brenan" with Agatha Tapan.

Music Career

At age 15, he auditioned for Ryan Cayabyab who is in search of new singing talents. He passed the audition and became part of a band named Kaya, a pop sensation group of 3 girls (Shemara Fe Flatts, Ernestina Jacinto & Louge Basabas) and a boy (of course! Brenan!). Kaya was under BMG Records (now named to Sony Music) handled by Ryan Cayabyab, Rudy Tee and Boy Abunda. Kaya had a total of 4 music videos. 2 videos of their own (Oblivious & I know), 1 video they sang for a competition (Tara Tena with Kyla and if I'm not mistaken I think its V4 in Himig Handog para sa Kabataan and they won!) and 1 video they were featured on (Radio Guy sang by Ciudad). As I could remember, their band was nominated as Best New Band of the Year in MTV Pilipinas 2001. Though their band didn't shine that much, Brenan still finds his way to become a singer and that?s how he got in Pinoy Pop Superstar.

Pinoy Pop Superstar Season 1 1st runner-up Brenan Espartinez just released his self-titled album, Brenan under Bellhaus Entertainment Inc. “It talks about a man’s point of view about love, getting hurt and moving on,” Brenan said. It features 8 tracks including a revival of the Side A love song “Forevermore” and his first carrier single, “Di Nagpaalam.”

TV Shows

  • Sine'skwela (1996-2000)
  • Pinoy Pop Superstar (1st runner-up; 2006)
  • SOP Rules (2006-present)

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