Aug 18, 2009

Audition PH Installation Alternatives

i was trying to download patch since the installer CD that i got wont work..
either with the manual patch which im having error with and later got confirmed with the manual patch problem..
so i have to like download everything from the start that i could get from the web resource..
so i read, and read, and read till i was able to get to this forum site...

You might need to log-in to read this articles and make sure that you "READ AND FOLLOW PROPERLY" so you will be able to be successful in downloading this game. PATIENCE is a must and READING THE THREAD is necessary just in case you encountered any problems while doing this. I'm gonna try this myself and will just post or edit if it was successful. I just forgot that i should have done this later in the evening to have the maximum speed in downloading. I just got tired doing it so.

For partition installation, click this:

This link is the full list library of the patches:


** the link was successful and i was able to download it. so this should be working as well. just carefully follow it and you'll be able to finish installing this game. before i forgot, i would suggest that you download the latest patches in the game in the Audition Patch Library starting from Patch 6036 and so on cause that's the patches in the game that has not yet been patched. Well anyways, a big credit for E-games Community Boards for the big help and assisting players especially for those people who still wanted to play this game.

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