Aug 19, 2009

Nothing but Nothing

I'm a bit sleepy and tired with the sluggish things i did the whole day. its like i went back to the old habit i promised to quit from then on. i just had like a whole day session with my computer, doing unnecessary things while trying to install something. its like i'm waiting for a moon turn into a star which could never happen. i was and would wanted to go out and visit everybody else but because of my persuasion to have this game installed, i'd have to leave them and continue what I'm doing in my lazy room. im pretty sure my room had been trying and planning to do things just to kick me out of internet but i would just tell my room to have a better luck next time.

I'm a bit dismayed and turned off with the current happenings of my life. like everybody is somebody else i know. like everything is i don't know. i cant explain it and don't even want to start explaining it. well here some things we have to keep no to hurt other.

I'm gonna call this a day..

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