Sep 18, 2009

Gifts for Gives

Different events in ones life has always been a limelight of an individual. Shopping for different gift such as memorabilia and collectibles has been always a tradition for this kind of stuffs. Like me today, I'm thinking of things to buy for my friend who's gonna have her birthday this coming Sunday. I'm always on hunt for stuffs that will be memorable for my friends. Not those that can easily be bought or too common. When I give out gifts, it should have its relevance why I chose that thing. Like for example, I gave out a watch or a clock. It is for them to be reminded that time is gold and they should always have to have time for themselves. Stuffs like those, Sometimes I find it weird, but eventually I get delighted seeing those faces upon receiving it.

To buy gifts for friends or relatives, there's a lot of things to consider. Of course you need to consider the recipient wants and needs. Like if your recipient would be a person who really loves reading, you can go and check out some stores for rare books that they might have interest with. Or if your tired walking around looking for bookshops and rumbling their store to find one, you can do it online by checking on different websites. Price is also a fact to consider, its not because that its kind of rare that you have to purchase it even if it cost too much. Try looking for stuffs around the world, again an online shopping website would be a big help for this one. You can have some of those things for less unlike buying it in novelty stores which they charge double or even triple on the said prices. You might want to compare prices before deciding to buy one just to make sure your not being priced to much for such item.

As an amateur for buying gifts, this two factors would be a lot of help. Looking around in a shopping website that has everything on it can be a very good help and it do saves your time as well. Of course you have to exert an effort cause you'll need a good website that has a lot of those things stored on it. Just think it this way, its special because for you its not just a gift that every people can get. Its something for them to remind of what you have been for them. Of course, you would always wanted your friends or relatives to remember you even in just one piece of thing which for them would be forever, right?


Kristi said...

My usual tactic is whenever in doubt, go with a gift certificate. It's really the most considerate way to go, that way the person can choose what to get.

-- aLLes said...

that's new to me instead of giving out cash.. i wanna try that next time.. :D