Sep 18, 2009

Unexpected Contentment

Contentment has never been an exact word for people now a days. Most of the peoples living in today has never been contented for one thing. Its one reason as well why everything changes and things goes in advance because of what people are searching for. Materially, if your gonna look up for this things, I'd bet you wont find it. I can put myself as an example wanting for different things just to satisfy my contentment which on the later part I would be bored with.

Until lately, I found something I never thought I would considered worth coming for in my life. Have you had those experience where everything goes so smooth that you can die right away because of the satisfaction that you got. Or even like have those light feeling, imagining butterflies all over you. But in the mere sense, everything came unexpectedly. Maybe I was looking for it that I wasn't aware of. But whatever I have right now, its something I don't want to lose just in case I'll be reincarnated. I'll prefer not to have life the second time around cause I'm afraid I wont experience this same thing happening to me right now. It's not that I'm to exaggerated with these things, but its the dream for me that just came true and with this, iI' truly contented with what I have right now.

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