Sep 25, 2009

Towel Wrap and Bag Wish for this Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching. If your gonna check, starting from this post, it'll be 90 days more before Christmas Day would be back again to be cherished by different people. In our circle of friendship, were already planning where to celebrate. We are thinking of going in to a nature tripping which we never had before. I can't wait to do trekking and hiking. Then after a long day, sitting and merrymaking in the near cottages on the pool with comfortable towel wraps to protect you from the coldness. What an imaginable sight to think of.

I'm thinking of what towel wraps to wear since it comes in different colors or hopefully, someone would come up of giving me a personalized towel wraps like those from terry towel wrap. Its so comfortable, cool and trendy to wear with. Having those would be a very dainty and sweet thing to receive as a gift this coming Christmas since its a rare sight to have one of those. Or like receiving a personalized duffle bag, of course personalizing it would make it more special since everything can have any kind since everything can be bought in the store. This would be useful for different outdoor adventures or trips. Woah! I'm thinking a lot when Christmas is still 90 days to go. Hopefully I can receive any of those things this Christmas. *looking at the skies thinking of Santa Claus*

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