Sep 28, 2009

Google Mispelled?

I am not sure if all of you has observed the largest search page site having two L's. Well question no more, I found the site that gave the explanation for this error. Got this one from

Googlle: Google releases misspelt logo to mark 11th anniversary

The search giant's name appeared with an extra letter "l" on its home page on Sunday, a change that did not escape the notice of the internet.

Within hours of the new logo going live, "why is google spelt wrong" and "why does google have two ls" were two of the most popular search phrases on the web.

Google was formed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin 11 years ago this month – in September 1998 – and the company has in the past altered its doodle to celebrate its own anniversaries.

For its tenth birthday last year the first letter "o" in Google was replaced with a cupcake.

Google has always used its logo as a way of commemorating important historical dates and major world events, but has become increasingly playful in recent weeks.

Last week Google put paid to speculation about the meaning of three "unexplained phenomena" doodles by admitting that they were designed to commemorate the 143rd birthday of the novelist HG Wells.

The first mysterious Google doodle appeared on September 5, and showed a flying saucer hovering over the Google logo and "abducting" the letter "O".

On September 15, a second Google doodle appeared, showing a flying saucer hovering over a field. The Google logo was spelt out as series of crop circles, and clicking on the doodle produced a list of web pages related to crop circles.

The third doodle, on September 21, featured a scene from Wells's book War of the Worlds.

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