Oct 2, 2009

Life before and after

September had at last come to an end, October is here at last. Looking back at the life that I had for the past month, its been a quite challenge for me cause I all the problems I could think off has started appearing on the past month. But moving forward, I did had a lot of achievements for this month. I had some memorable things to ponder as well and I did learn a lot.

But I could think most when I did learn how to make most out of my frenzy moments and without a thought, you could do things you would want to happen at the end of the month. I also had a chance to think of what I want to happen with my life. Now I know how important and different dream and dreaming are when you realize how they would work in the essence of your achievement. Whoa, i feel so invigorated for this month to come and hope to make more out of it. Oh and by the way I think its just 80 more days to come before Christmas. Im so excited already especially for the next years month which is January. Wee...

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