Oct 20, 2009

Opportunity and Risk

"Opportunity knocks once..."

.. as what they say. But what if opportunity comes in a different forms making you leave important things in your life? Would you grab it or not? I'm on to that situation right now, realizing that I am somewhat leaving not just one, but almost everything that i grew up with, lived with and made plans with. I have to leave my friends, my city, my dreams and even some of my plans with the special person I have. What I don't get is, my friends are fine with it but not with him. Of course regression and doubts are with my friends, telling me if I am sure of it or not. But reflecting back on my plans with this one, I find it an opportunity to have a clean exit of my not so good life. I think really need to leave out my comfort zone and start living life the way everyone is living it. It's just sometimes hard to think that the people whom your expecting to support you, is even not there to support you. Now it's confusing me. Talking about meeting new horizons.

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