Oct 3, 2009

Texas Salsa and Jalapeno Mixes

Recently, I've been missing a lot of food trips that me and my best friends does because of my work. More often, I use to go out and eat with my team mates, which I don't do much often and we dont eat much special foods that we used to with my friends. Lately I had been craving for something new to my taste and something that will excite my taste buds. I was planning to take some chips and nachos for this week which I don't eat much. Of course for me, its very unusual to eat those foods because I'm really not that chip-and-nacho lover knowing that it wont make you feel full because its a lightweight snack. But here's something that could excite this snacks which I just discovered, which I find good especially for me who are really not that hefty when it comes to side dishes or appetizers.

Most people claim that this salsa is the most delicious salsa that doesn't require any cooking. Judging with the looks and smell, its really are tempting. You can imagine cowboy stuffs and camping at night while indulging to this salsa, which I should have bought when we went to our camp trip team building.

Jalapeno word is new to me but olives and relishes are not. Later on I found out that Jalapeno is a kind of pepper. Well I don't eat hot sauces or relishes but my friends does, and they say it was so good that it'll fly your eyes out of your head. I can't imagine the sarcasm on that phrases but I will presume that its really that hot then. Well this goes out for those people who are does know how lavish and indulge spicy and hot mixes.

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