Oct 2, 2009

Patching Up

Lately, I had lied low to my virtual queries because of the hectic schedule that I had for the month of September. I'm thinking of ways how could I cover up the unravelling and disputed patterns that I had last month which I think I should cover up and start making a way to make it worthy and not to put waste everything that I had started. I have to learn about internet business more and feed more than I could so I would know what to do and some tacticals things that I need to be done cause I'm thinking of starting something again. I think I need to do somethings as well especially the promise that I just made which she might think I had forgotten. Oh my, I'm thinking of the wasted time I just wasted because of my superfluous non-sense emotional tantrums which could have been cured with a smart and witty thinking. Oh well, moving forward. Time to get things up and running and in place before I would have any ordeal which I would regret at the end because of my negligence.

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