Nov 10, 2009

Bacolod Sweet Delicacies

I'm sure not all or everyone are aware of Bacolod's delicacy, and so far I have tasted already some of it here in the City of Smile. Here are some of the delicacies that can be mostly found in Bacolod which is hard or too expensive to find at other places. Here are some sweets that I already tasted here in Bacolod, and I would say, its really damn good and cost less if your gonna buy it here.


This is the pride and most sought-after pasalubong from Bacolod City, the Special Piaya its distinct sweetness and moist filling leaves a satisfying taste to the palate which makes it the number one and most requested pasalubong from family, friends, and relatives who visit Bacolod. The product has become so in demand that this has been available everywhere in the national store.

The shape of special Piaya is usually round and flat: the filling is moist which is usually caramel-flavored and ube-flavored. Enriched flour, sugar, salt, butter and sesame seeds make up this delicacy which Filipinos have learned to love for the past years. And know what, this comes in two flavors here in Bacolod, thats Flat and Piaya Ube.


Who could have thought that Pastillas Mango flavor exist in this City. The dough that filled with sweet blend ripe mango inside that gives the best taste to everyone. Its a bit different from the known pastillas aside from the flavor fillings that it has cause its shaped with a dough, but it do taste good.


Made from bread topped with butter and sugar, Biscocho has become a part of the Filipino cuisine, its somewhat like thesame with a Toasted Bread but made differently since they have to bake the said delicacy then toast it. A lot of cities in the Philippines carry the Biscocho as their primary delicacy product. But what makes Biscocho different from other is that it breaks out from the usual ingredients to create a quality product. Most bakeries use old bread to make biscocho but here in Bacolod, they bake their own bread so it's clean and let the bread hang for four days until it gets hard and ready to be topped with butter or sugar. Then it's baked to the right temperature and time to create a crunchy, delicious biscocho for everybody's enjoyment.


One of the oldest native delicacies of Bacolod City is the "Kwakoy". It can also be found in different stores in downtown area of the Negros Occidental capital city. This delicacy is made of native rice (any variety with white and soft grains when cooked), washed sugar, malagkit or glutinous rice, and milk powder. Honestly, this taste like somewhat like pulburon, but its better than it.


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KWAKOY? I thought for a sec it looked like little plywood. hahahahaha! love the Biscocho. Can you buy one for me?

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It looks like heaven. I would like to try it once. Thank you for sharing your recipes. I’m already craving for it.