Nov 10, 2009

Mending and Healing a Broken Heart

Moving on is the hardest thing for one's relationship. Even if it lasted for years or even just months, its not easy to leave everything just behind. This is not just like a habit that you can easily forget, its something more than that it prickles when remembered. But as they said, sometimes happiness can be found out in moving on. So people who are heart broken out there, look on the other side and stand up. There are a lot of things to cherish than crying for a person who had broken your heart. Here are some things to read on which might help especially for healing and mending a broken heart. I've read this article from and is very helpful in terms of opening your minds and thoughts in healing and mending a heart. Hope this works for you.

Heart Broken

Many old fictional stories have characters that die after going through a devastating loss. Although even in reality people die from what appears to be a broken heart. Broken heart syndrome is usually blamed for the passing of someone whose spouse is already deceased, even though the actual cause is not always so clear. The condition can be triggered by sudden emotional stress caused by a traumatic breakup, the death of a loved one, or even the shock of a surprise party.

Broken Heart syndrome is clinically different from a heart attack because the patient have few risk factors for heart disease and were previously healthy prior to the heart muscles weakening. The recovery rates for those suffering from broken heart syndrome are faster than those who had heart attacks and complete recovery to the heart was achieved within two weeks.

As Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson states:

As people, we are not aware all the time of our feelings, and just like animals, we may not be able to put words to them very easily. This certainly does not mean that the feelings do not exist.

Sigmund Freud once speculated that a man could be in love with a woman for six years and not know it until many years later. Such a man, with all the goodwill in the world, could not have verbalized what he did not know.

He had the feelings, but he did not know about them. Perhaps this does sound like some sort of paradox. When we think of a feeling, we think of something that we are consciously aware of feeling. As Freud put it in an article written in 1915, The Unconscious: 'It is surely of the essence of an emotion that we should be aware of it.' Yet it is beyond question that we can 'have' feelings that we do not know about.

Health Of Your Heart

Our hearts can be tormented and troubled. They can be squashed and pressured, both from a psychological and emotional point of view. This can be to such a point where they actually begin to result in physical health problems, thus, a broken heart can be considered quite literal. Losing someone you love can cause major problems to our hearts.

Over the course of a life time, most people (at one time or another) will experience a long trial of sadness or loss.

Much research has proven that hearts living under this pain don't just suffer emotionally, they all suffer physically. Deep feelings of depression, loneliness, and sadness can actually lead to problems like heart disease.

Researchers have found that what we all feel and the way we think directly effects the health of our heart. A study showed that people living under this pain can literally even die from a 'broken heart'. It is important to try and overcome the pain so that it doesn't drag on longer than it has to.

Consider the lessons that you have learned, and how you are smarter as a result of the experience. Think about this often, as it will help lift you and let you see some positive signs.

Find a treatment that works for you - this can be talking with those who care about you, other groups of support, perhaps something like psychotherapy or meditation. There are lots of techniques available to help heal your heart.

Get busy doing what it takes to become well!

Begin To Heal

There is nothing funny about having a broken heart. If you are reading this, I am sure you know that. Your stressed body will begin to accumulate all sorts of feelings on top of the depression.

Perhaps you lack positive focus and you are having trouble moving away from looking at the negative, leaving you almost completely unable to function. It is important to try to change this, as in a very direct way we experience the emotions that we focus on.

Here are a few steps to consider:

* Grieve
This is the best thing to do after your loss. Try not to avoid this step. It it best to do it immediately, or it may take you longer to heal. Do whatever you need to do to express yourself in this stage, so long as you don't hurt anyone else.

* The Plan
Healing is a journey that needs a plan. This means that you should write down some ways which (you think) will help you - right now! Think about it, and keep thinking about it.

* The Action
Once you have written down some things, make specific plans to act on them soon - and stick to it!

* Suggestions
Accept that you are responsible for your own healing, and take as much time as you need for yourself.

Take action when you are inspired.Forgive people and recognize that we take in what we focus on. This concept is recognized by some people as the law of attraction.

Do not hang around people who make you feel negative or people who complain all the time. Perform any spiritual work that feels right to you, perhaps include affirmations and visualizations. Be grateful.

Heal A Broken Heart

It takes time! Here are some basic tips. Make sure you also read the articles, which you can access from the side menu.

* Honor how you are feeling. This means that you should not pretend that you are ok, when you really aren't. There is nothing wrong with crying.

* Communicate with people that care about you. Make sure you share how you are feeling. Do not underestimate the support that these people can provide.

* Exercise regularly and take care of your health. Often times during the period of having one's heart broken, health may be neglected. If you aren't careful, this can only make things worse.

* Some people like to travel.

* A great way to move through a broken heart is to spend a lot of time doing something you really love. This can be a hobby, work, or anything! If you keep yourself busy you will find yourself moving through the pain faster.

Above all, give yourself time. This type of healing can't be rushed. If you want to restore the relationship, make sure that you figure out why it went wrong before you rush back into it.

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