Nov 6, 2009

City of Smiles: A Prelude

Its my first day today after the never ending journey of me going to the city of smile. I'm really wondering why they are called the city of smiles but the people here are really approachable though the mask are scaring me in someways. After all the mishaps that I had went through in going to this city, including the ship that had been super delay and not-so-good-accomodation and HAD TECHNICAL PROBLEMS WHICH I THOUGH ITS GONNA SINK. Sorry but I can't help my hysterical madness to blurt out because of what happened during my journey to this city which already had come to an end and I had been lucky enough to have everything arranged before the end of the day today. It was stressful, tiring and most of all boring staying on the ship with the intermittent signal of mobile phone carriers, what more could you ask for. But at least I was able to see some boring movies that I never dared to watch in Davao nor buff it on the internet.

So here I am, starting on this journey. Comparison, well people in Davao and Bacolod for me are alike. The place is like Gen. Santos City but a lot more progressive than that city so it could still be considered in Davao. Jeeps dont have name tags unlike in Davao City and you only need to pay 7 pesos where ever you go around the city. Ha ha! Now thats convenient. Food, cheaper but almost thesame. SM City mall, way better and a lot more people compared in Davao and they have this over pass that are only exclusive for SM which is cool to look at. And mind you, they have more than a couple of malls here so its a place I think I'll be hanging out on boredom. And also, this is the only city I think that they will be the one to provide you Internet stubs good for a couple of minutes or hours, that means no open time. Ha ha. So much for that, I'm going to sleep now. I call this a day.

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